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Is Cybertrace legit?

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Cybertrace Team

September 15, 2021 · 5 min read

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Life is tough for victims of fraud. Scammers have already swindled them out of their hard-earned money, but now even more dubious characters await. Frustratingly, secondary scams or recovery scams deliberately target victims of fraud to fleece them a second time. Alternating between desperate need and suspicion of everyone, many victims don’t know whom to turn to. How can they be sure whom to trust? Even some of the people who contact us for help are asking themselves: is Cybertrace legit? We certainly encourage critical thinking, so let’s look at the key signs that tell you that Cybertrace is genuinely trustworthy.

Registered, Regulated and Licensed

The first question to ask of any cyber fraud investigator is whether, and in which country, the company is legally registered. Such registration is important in order to know which legal jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks apply, including any corporate oversight and complaints processes. Exercising caution and not just taking a provider’s word at face value is paramount. In Cybertrace’s case, potential consumers can independently verify Cybertrace Pty Ltd via the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) register.

Apart from confirming Cybertrace’s registration since 2015, the ASIC register signals that Cybertrace is subject to Australia’s strong regulatory regime. With no complaints, investigations or adverse findings against it, Cybertrace has a clean bill of corporate health. ASIC thus provides potential customers with peace of mind.


A final important point of distinction is that Cybertrace is licensed as a private investigator by the NSW Police Force. This means that Cybertrace’s investigators are highly trained, operate ethically, and abide by all relevant rules and regulations. Again, potential customers can independently verify our investigations licence number (411710138) on the NSW Government website register of licenses. After having considered all that, let’s return to our original question: is Cybertrace legit? The authorities are definitely giving us the thumbs up, but who actually runs Cybertrace?

A face to go with the name

Nothing builds trust with potential customers quite like putting a face to the name on Cybertrace’s website and social media. While many fly-by-night operators hide in the shadows, Cybertrace’s founder and managing director Dan Halpin stands out from the crowd. You can easily find Dan and check his bona fides on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Recognised globally as a pioneer in the investigation of cryptocurrency fraud, Dan founded Cybertrace back in 2015. During a +20-year career in investigations and intelligence, he has worked for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), NSW Police Force, Queensland Police Force and ACT Department of Justice & Community Services.


During that time, Dan was also seconded to the Australian Federal Police and NSW Crime Commission while pursuing counter-terrorism intelligence. Due to his formal qualifications, work credentials and impeccable personal ethics, Dan always maintained the highest level of security clearance. At Cybertrace, he manages a diverse global team of specialists with backgrounds in investigation, intelligence analysis, cyber security, cyber forensic analysis, psychology, and criminology. For the safety of our staff, who are often investigating criminal networks, we don’t provide their identities to the public. Considering all this, is Cybertrace legit? The name and reputation of Dan Halpin certainly stands for it. But are there any external partnerships and associations that highlight Cybertrace’s reputation in the community?

External Partners and Associates

As a serious player in the cyber fraud investigation industry, Cybertrace has several associations and external partnerships that highlight its growing importance. For one, Cybertrace has been a member of the World Association of Detectives since 2017. This organisation dedicates itself to promoting and upholding the highest ethical practices in the profession. Furthermore, Cybertrace is partnering with Western Sydney University (WSU) for cybercrime-related research. It is also a valued industry partner and internship provider for WSU’s Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour.


Finally, Cybertrace holds, and is concluding, several Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with Australian state and federal law enforcement bodies. Apart from cooperating closely with law enforcement to help bring victims justice, Cybertrace has been crucial in bringing separate national and international police investigations together to unmask scammers. So, is Cybertrace legit? Universities and law enforcement bodies certainly appreciate what we do. But how do those who matter most – our customers – review our work?

Positive customer reviews

As such, one should always take customer reviews with a grain of salt, as explored in this recent blog. Unscrupulous scammers may use anonymous, fake, or paid accounts to significantly inflate a score or even hawk a secondary scam. However, reviews can also add substantive value, as long as potential customers check that they are detailed, specific and identified.

On any qualitative and quantitative measure, Cybertrace’s clients give our operations a resounding vote of confidence on Google Reviews. It’s apparent that Cybertrace has worked hard over many years to gain trust and deliver a tried and tested product. In the six years of our existence, we have completed over 2,300 investigations. Out of these, we established a direct link to scammers in at least 75% of cases. Furthermore, we identified valuable intelligence that can be referred to authorities to progress the investigation in a whopping 98% of cases. So, if you were to ask our customers, “is Cybertrace legit?”, the answer would be: “most definitely!”


Who do you call?

If you, your family, friends, or colleagues are in need of a premium intelligence-based investigation product, look no further. Or do – and then use the checklist in this blog to compare what you find with our services! Authorities, institutions and customers trust us, and Dan Halpin’s impeccable credentials and reputation underpins our work. Cybertrace is the real deal. Contact our experienced investigators today to see how we can help you!

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  • Mousa Raza 1 month ago

    Hello I have been scammed. Someone on whatsapp messaged me saying they had a online job opportunity for me. However i lost $1540 please contact me thank you.

    • Cybertrace Team 1 month ago

      Hi Mousa,

      Our team has reached out via email.

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