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ABC Morning Show interview with Cybertrace CEO and Founder, Dan Halpin about the current fraud and cryptocurrency landscape.

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How Cybertrace is Helping Combat Phone Scams


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Sydney, Australia – Cybertrace, a leading provider of cyber intelligence solutions, has announced the launch of its latest platform designed to help people report and search scam phone numbers. The new platform is expected to provide an easy and convenient way for individuals and businesses to identify and report fraudulent phone numbers, helping to protect themselves and others from phone scams.

Cybertrace Launches New Platform to Report and Search Scam Phone Numbers

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), phone scams are becoming increasingly prevalent in Australia, with thousands of Australians falling victim to these types of scams each year. Many of these scams involve criminals using fake phone numbers to trick unsuspecting individuals into providing personal or financial information.

Cybertrace’s new platform allows users to search its database of scam phone numbers to see if a number has been previously reported as fraudulent by other users. Intelligence is also provided to users indicating potential risk associated with the phone number. This will also help others avoid falling victim to these scams. The platform is easy to use and available to anyone who wants to help combat phone scams.

“Phone scams are a serious problem in Australia, and we are committed to helping individuals and businesses protect themselves from these types of fraud,” said Dan Halpin, CEO of Cybertrace. “Our new platform provides a simple and effective way for people to report and search scam phone numbers, making it easier to stay safe from these types of scams.”

The platform is available now and can be accessed through Cybertrace’s website. Click here for more information on how to report and search scam phone numbers.

Cybertrace is a leading provider of cyber intelligence solutions, offering a range of services designed to help businesses and individuals protect themselves from cyber threats. With a team of expert analysts and cutting-edge technology, Cybertrace provides the most advanced cyber intelligence solutions available today.

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21/09/2021 WSU and Cybertrace join forces to tackle cybercrime Western Sydney University (WSU) and the investigation company Cybertrace are running a programme for cybersecurity students. The participants benefit from practical experiences through their placement at Cybertrace. Read more…

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