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An attentive individual reports a suspicious website using Cybertrace's ScamID reporting form on a digital device, surrounded by cybersecurity icons such as padlocks, shields, and digital code, highlighting the vigilance against online scams.
How to Report a Scam Website: A Step-by-Step…

In today's digital age, encountering a scam website is unfortunately all too common. These fraudulent…

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Image of an evil being casting a shadow over the crypto trading industry which represents a crypto scammer.
Unveiling the Velod.ai Scam

A Warning to Investors Cybertrace analysts noted that in recent months a concerning new fake…

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Cityscape banner representing the new partnership between Cybertrace and Potech to introduct Darkivore to Australia.
Cybertrace and Potech Unite

Elevating Australia's Cybersecurity with Darkivore In a groundbreaking move for Australia's cybersecurity landscape, Cybertrace's recent…

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Screenshot of the fake Apptopia website used as phishing for a fake job scam
The Apptopia Job Scam

A Gateway to Exploitation by Chinese Crime Syndicates In an era where digital innovation paves…

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A deepfake video of Andrew Forrest used by QuantumAI technology to scam.
The QuantumAI Deception: Navigating the Latest Deepfakes

On 27 January 2024, Cybertrace identified another sophisticated Instagram ad scam featuring deepfake technology to…

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marketer in modern office pitching investment scam
Affiliate Marketer Scams Targeting Australians via Social Media

In an era where crypto and digital platforms have become the new marketplace, a concerning…

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sitting at computer committing cyber fraud via identity theft of an Australian passport
What To Do If Your Identity Documents Have…

What to do if you think your identity has been stolen What to do if…

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job, scam, app, job scam, hiring, fake, website, domain, list
Job Scams January 2024

Job Scams. Following on from our previous investigations in 2023 for the job scams such…

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The logo for "CP Investigation Limited" circled in red with the text: "Scam Alert"
Is CP Investigation a scam?

Is CP Investigation a scam? (cp-investigation.com) YES! Continue reading to learn why Cybertrace investigator's are…

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social media, Camper Van Giveaway Scam, Detecting Social Media Scams, Camper van scam, camper van, camper, van, scam
Camper Van Giveaway Scam Alert!

In the digital age, scams have migrated from the physical mailbox to email inboxes, and…

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Unmasking the Injured Dog Scams on Social Media

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, social media platforms have become fertile grounds for innovative scams.…

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Scam Website Alert – December 2023

Scam Website Alert – December 2023. Welcome to the December 2023 edition of Cybertrace’s Community…

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