Cryptocurrency Expert Opinion Services

Cybertrace are a team of global experts in investigating cryptocurrency crime. Led by experienced Australian cyber investigation and intelligence expert Dan Halpin, we are professional investigators, analysts, academics and published authors in this field. Furthermore, we are recognised as subject matter experts by the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia where we have previously provided expert testimony. Our cryptocurrency expert opinion services include comprehensive court-admissible expert reports as well as expert witness/testimony services in court proceedings. For more information on our services or to discuss your particular requirements, contact us today.

Family Law and Divorce Property Settlements

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly used to hide assets during divorce property settlement proceedings. In order to find other hidden assets like offshore accounts, family law practitioners usually hire forensic accountants. However, in cases involving cryptocurrency, lawyers need specialist cryptocurrency investigative experts to give their clients the best chance of success. Like Cybertrace, these experts need to have the requisite experience and expertise in blockchain forensics, cryptocurrency tracing and cybersecurity. As the first certified Australian provider of cryptocurrency tracing products to the public, Cybertrace can track cryptocurrencies across the blockchain. Our cryptocurrency expert opinion services can provide court-admissible expert reports detailing hidden crypto assets, thus ensuring your clients get their fair share in any property settlement. You can also count on us if you require an authoritative and well-versed court expert in the witness box.

Image containing law statue representing family law and divorce property settlements

Cyber Fraud and Scam Victims

With cybercriminals targeting people via increasingly sophisticated scams, cryptocurrency expert opinion services are also vital tools in fighting for justice. First, we deploy cyber fraud investigationscryptocurrency tracing and/or website forensics to gather all available intelligence on the scammers. Next, our experienced investigators deploy their analytical expertise and custom-designed tools to identify the culprits. Finally, we can present all relevant information in a clear, concise and court-admissible expert report and/or as expert witness testimony in court. Apart from court cases, this also assists clients who need to demonstrate scam losses to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

We are the FIRST Australian provider of cryptocurrency tracing Products to the public Cybertrace is proudly the first Australian company to be licensed and certified by cryptocurrency tracing software provider, Ciphertrace. This is the same software used by international law enforcement agencies including the FBI, AFP and Europol to name a few

Cryptocurrency Expert Opinion Services. Cybertrace are Australian based experts in cryptocurrency enabled and dependant crime servicing global clients. We specialise in Blockchain and cryptocurrency scams and our crypto tracing analysts are trained and certified in complex crypto transaction tracing. We have successfully traced thousands of cryptocurrency transactions varying in levels of complexity.

Our CEO, Dan Halpin is a published author in Cryptocurrency Crime and recently co-authored a chapter in the Springer book, Financial Technology and the Law: Combating Financial Crime. As part of Cybertrace’s ongoing relationship with the Western Sydney University (WSU), Dan co-authored this chapter with Professor Alana Maurushat who is the head of the WSU, School of Cybersecurity and Behaviour. Dan is also in the preliminary stage of undertaking a PhD research project focusing on Cryptocurrency Crime.