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Can stolen crypto be recovered?

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Cybertrace Team

December 12, 2022 · 5 min read

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Recover hacked crypto. Cybertrace investigators are regularly contacted by people who have suffered hacked crypto accounts and hacked wallets and want to investigate the crypto hacker. And there is one clear question that everyone wants to know, can stolen crypto be recovered? Whilst there are no guarantees that stolen crypto will be recovered through expert crypto investigations and cryptocurrency tracing services, it is definitely possible to recover hacked crypto.

Previously, through investigating a crypto hacker, our crypto tracing team and blockchain forensic experts managed to freeze over $100,000 USD in a Binance account after our client’s trust wallet was hacked. If you’ve lost crypto to a hack, then responding quickly can make all the difference. With normal investment scam situations, it is unlikely we’ll manage to freeze funds at an exchange in time. Often victims of a traditional investment scam only become aware that they’ve been scammed, well after sending the funds. However, with a hacked wallet or account, if you respond quickly enough and engage Cybertrace to trace your stolen funds, we may be able to freeze the funds before the hacker manages to cash them out.

Can stolen crypto be recovered? Yes. But of course every case is different and whilst we trace crypto successfully over 95% of the time, we can’t guarantee the outcome of the investigation. The point that separates us from our competitors is that we’ll be honest with you as to whether your crypto can be recovered, or not.

As Australia’s first provider of cryptocurrency tracing to the public, Cybertrace has been at the forefront of honing cryptocurrency tracing skills.

Can stolen crypto and hacked crypto be recovered

How do crypto accounts get hacked?

In our experience, over 95% of the time a hacked crypto account or wallet occurs due to the victim being tricked into releasing their password, seed phrase or private keys. Hacking in general is very difficult and especially if the crypto owner has proper security in place such as using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and storing private keys offline. So what commonly happens, is the victim unknowingly releases information which the hacker can then use to steal the crypto. As a type of phishing attack, sometimes these offenders may impersonate a reputable wallet or exchange’s website by launching a clone website. We’ve even seen instances where the offenders run Google Ads, ensuring their fake clone website shows up in Google above the real website! The victim thinks they are dealing with a trusted website which they’ve used many times before. They enter their login details and sometimes even their wallet’s seed phrase, only to soon find out their wallet has been drained.

Of course, there are a plenty of other criminal techniques deployed by those offenders trying to get their hands on your crypto. Including the use of viruses which can infect someone’s computer or mobile device and record sensitive information. And often a hacked account begins with an email phishing attack. A phishing attack is similar to the clone website approach mentioned above. The offenders will commonly email the victim, pretending to be an legitimate entity. The email may even claim that the person’s account on the exchange has been compromised and to ensure the safety of their funds, they need to quickly secure the account. The victim panics, thinking their money is at risk, and as advised in the email they click a link to immediately secure their account. Only to unknowingly hand over access to their cryptocurrencies.

Is it too late to recover hacked crypto?

What if you didn’t realise straight away that your wallet was hacked and the crypto was stolen. Is it too late to recover the funds? No, it is not. We can still investigate a crypto hacker. Whilst we may not be able to freeze the funds at an exchange when the hacker tries to cash out your crypto, we could still manage to identify the offender.

Our cryptocurrency tracing team can trace your stolen crypto and find the exchange the offender has used to exchange your funds back into a fiat (government) currency and get your money into their bank account. We refer to this as the ‘cash-out point’. Once the specific cash-out transaction and exchange is identified, then either Cybertrace investigators or Police can submit a request to the exchange for account holder details. Most crypto exchanges will enforce Know Your Customer (KYC) and will work with a request from law enforcement. The records the exchange holds, could include the hacker’s name, photo ID, email address, phone number and other important data.

If we can identify the hacker, then you can enter the asset recovery stages to try to recover the stolen cryptocurrency!

How to recover stolen cryptocurrency?

First, the crypto needs to be traced. If possible, quick action could mean our team can freeze the funds at an exchange account. If the funds were already exchanged by the hacker, then the hacker needs to be identified before there is any chance of recovering hacked crypto.

Contact Cybertace today to discuss how our team can locate your assets and assist you in recovering your stolen crypto. Our cryptocurrency tracing team will need to be provided with the wallet addresses the crypto was sent to, and every transaction ID (txid) where your cryptocurrency was stolen.

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  • Beau peisley 1 year ago

    Hi, I had crypto currency stolen from my wallet on the 08/01/23. I reported the jack to police as soon as I knew but they have done nothing. I have looked through transactions from the address my funds were sent too and they went to an exchange and also sometime ago the same address sent funds to a CoinSpot address. Is there any way I can get help to track these funds down. It is in excess of $30k of superannuation money

    • Cybertrace Team 1 year ago

      Hi Beau,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Our team have contacted you via email.

  • Steven Green 1 year ago

    I had a few thousand worth of Vechain stolen from Trust Wallet. Is it recoverable? And what cost am I looking at?

    • Cybertrace Team 1 year ago

      Hi Steven,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Our team has contacted you via email.

  • Peter Guo 1 year ago

    A Cybercriminal Scam Report

    This is Yuyuan (Peter) Guo who has been a victim of the Chinese Pig Butchering Scam recently. I have been scammed $210,000 during this Chinese fraud. I lost all my life savings. I have paid attention to the fraud website and noticed that the scam website was shut down on 12/07/2022. Just now, I read a news article regarding the Pig Butchering Scam in Delaware. The Delaware DOJ initiated a halt to the Pig Butchering Crypto Scams. The enforcement policemen issued a cease-and-desist order to wallets, accounts, and individuals. This encouraged me because the scam website which robbed me just stopped. It may not be too late to take action against the cybercriminals. As the scammers copied the real American Crypto Company, they are most likely in the States. If the policemen can freeze the scammers’ wallet, it is likely that the stolen money could be retracted back. I will forward Coinbase and Kraken companies’ emails regarding cooperation with the enforcement agency. The scammer might be traced because I know the scammers’ wallets account. I know it will take a lot of effort. Fortunately, I am in America. This is a law country. The robbers should be punished, and people’s property should be protected. The fake website: A16Zcrypto.CC/H5/# run until 12/072022. I keep the woman’s voice and many photos (maybe not true). I also noticed that several pig butchering scammers were arrested. The time is coincident with the fake website shut down time. I hope the scammers were arrested. I will briefly write about the process in which I was swindled.

    In April, I got an invitation from a Chinese woman, Lena, who hopes to add me as a friend from Linkedin. I made a big mistake. She told me that she came to America as an EB-1 outstanding person to work for her sister in Little Rock, Arkansas. She told me that she was from my wife’s home town, Hang Zhou, China and she loved my hometown’s food. She then taught me how to set up an account in Japanese LINE to send mails freely. After weeks, she told me that she is working for a company to update the database system of its cryptocurrency exchange plate. She and her sister made money on that plate. The website is A16Zcrypto.cc/h5/#. Until very late I was told that this website is a scammer’s fake website. Then she asked me to invest money into this website. To help the Chinese Democratic Movement, making money to support the Chinese. I believed her lie. She asked me to open an account in Coinbase and buy coins there to transfer into the cryptocurrency exchange plate. Actually, all my money was transferred to her wallet instead of the fake website. What I saw as my profit is just a numbers game. When Coinbase realized that something was wrong, they shut down my account. This woman asked me to open another account in Kraken. Both Coinbase and Kraken asked people to use their real ID to open an account. The total money I transferred from my Chase Bank was $200,000. Every time, Coinbase and Kraken would send the receipt showing which wallet account my coins were sent to. I keep all the evidence.

    Why am I so stupid? Because I thought this country is the USA, a law country. Who can open a fake website to rob other people without being stopped for several months? This is a big felony. Who dares do that? Several friends reminded me. but I did not listen. I was wrong. The Chinese Pig Butchering scammers thought they were smart and could escape from punishment.

    I have reported to the local policemen station and FBI (IC3). Since I was scammed, my life was ruined. I watched the fake website all the time, hoping someday it could be shut down by policemen. I even tried to ask questions via their Q&A plate. I figured out their time zone. Later I believed that their website service station is located in Singapore. The scammer mentioned to me that she had a friend in Singapore. I sent a report to the Singapore Policeman several days ago. I am not sure if their website was shut down by the Singapore Policemen or by the FBI. These notorious Chinese Pig Butchering scammers were in two groups. One group is in Singapore to maintain the website station. The other group was in the United States to search the targets to rob by social media. They destroyed the trust of Americans and seeded the hatred among people.

    I keep all the evidence, including the woman’s voice, her fake photos and her fake telephone number. I also keep the communication between her and me on LINE chat (a Japanese WeChat). This woman used a remote device to control my laptop to play the exchange on their fake website. I hope this can be used to locate her place. Please help me. Justice needs to be done!

    Thanks a lot. I am looking forward to hearing from you. My phone is: 469-388-5960. Emails: [email protected]; [email protected]


    Yuyuan (Peter) Guo

    • Cybertrace Team 1 year ago

      Hi Peter, thank you for your comment. Our team have reach out via email.

      • Steg 1 year ago

        I was stolen for man that told me I could win profits thru this platform, I lost around 30,000 dlls. He manipuled me several times to inject more money and I couldnt never withdrawal the money because tje platform never approved it. I just saw the plattform is a scam. I would like to recover my funds

        • Cybertrace Team 1 year ago

          Hi, our team has reached our via email.

        • Jamie 1 year ago

          Hi, I have the same experience. Can you please help me too?

          • Cybertrace Team 1 year ago

            Hi Jamie, our team has reached out via email.

  • Amy 1 year ago

    I fell victim to a crypto scam and I need help with the recovery. Please email me back if you can help.

    • Cybertrace Team 1 year ago

      Hi Amy, our team has contacted you via email.

  • Faried Soebratie 1 year ago

    Hello, I am a victim of a fake website to receive a free airdrop of the cryptocurrency I owned and just bought a couple of days ago. Because it was new, I thought website was legit. I lost 3k yesterday.

    • Cybertrace Team 1 year ago

      Hi Faried, our team has reached out via email.

  • Ilona 11 months ago

    I have also been scammed by $20k investing in a commission-based platform. I have never been able to withdraw my funds as they constantly say you have to invest more to close out the deals.

    • Cybertrace Team 11 months ago

      Hi Ilona,

      Our team has reached out via email.

  • Ellon Tan 11 months ago

    I joined a liquidity mining website. They guarantee to give me reward everyday with my USDT still in my wallet.
    However my USDT went into staking mode due to breaking of mining rules & I was informed that I can only get back my USDT after end of mining period somewhere in end of July + 180 days.
    I would very much like to have my USDT back into my wallet ASAP. Is it possible to recover?

    • Cybertrace Team 11 months ago

      Hi Ellon,

      Our team has reached out via email.

  • Jatinder 10 months ago

    I want to recover my funds from Scoin platform

  • Leonard 10 months ago

    I’ve lost over $115k to two crypto trading platforms. Do you recover crypto from trading scams?

    • Cybertrace Team 10 months ago

      Hi Leonard,

      Our team has reached out via email.

      • Antonio 9 months ago

        Had the same thing happen to me.
        What was the company called that did this

  • Kenneth Ma 8 months ago

    I just got a Crypto investment scam, please contact me ASAP

  • Veaci 7 months ago

    Hi I had crypto currency stolen from my wallet to some broker that was saying my that I will duble my many, I sent my found to wallet adres were she say and nothing, then she want more and more that I get my many back, can someone help me please ,I lost 5k euros , I can’t sent rewords after my many is back, we can do and contract, thanks

    • Cybertrace Team 7 months ago

      Hi Veaci,

      Our team has reached out via email.

  • clifford peter 7 months ago

    Can you retrieve stolen crypto?

    • Cybertrace Team 7 months ago

      Hi Clifford,

      Our team has reached out via email.

  • Mathew Ostler 6 months ago

    How to recover stolen cryptocurrency

    • Cybertrace Team 6 months ago

      Hi Matthew,

      Our team has reached out via email.

  • Freedom Judge 5 months ago

    Being a victim of a scammer does not require high or quality education, they always act to be legit and nice when convinced to invest in their platform. There are so many people out there trying to hurt people, that is why saclux comptech specialst give out platform to learn about so many mistake about scammers

  • Mehdi 4 months ago

    Hello, about 3 months ago, I registered with a site called Aiminingvip.com, which according to them, they were doing cloud mining by purchasing one of their plans, and each time I had to buy different titles, for example, I should buy a sub-set or upgrade my level through Tether currency. They received my money and they used to give me interest for 2 years, but when my investment in this site exceeded the money I received, it has been 1 month since they gave me an answer and no interest was given. Please help me, please? I have them too

    • Cybertrace Team 4 months ago

      Hi Mehdi,

      Our team has reached out via email.

  • Henda 3 months ago

    I lost 3 863 84 ustd, I tried to recover it to no avail, everyone scammers so far,problem I can’t pay list everything,

  • Bernard Leeuwschut 2 days ago

    I have been scammed of 72920 USD from an unregistered company called Lenz Capital. I hired a recovery agent and he scammed me even further. The recovery agent is from cybertrendstracker.com

    • Enquiries 2 days ago

      Hi Bernard,

      Our team have reached out via email.

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