We Identify Website Operators

As leading experts in website cyber forensics, our experienced investigators can identify and document who is behind a website. While criminals think they can steal your money or information with impunity, we can locate and identify them for you. Most commonly, criminals operate scam websites which aim to steal money from unsuspecting victims, or phishing websites which are after sensitive personal information. In either case, perpetrators use these for nefarious purposes, putting at risk your identity, finances and livelihood. However, our website cyber forensic investigators have the technological capabilities and expertise to identify the owners of such websites. In addition, we can also help find those responsible for defaming you online or breaching your intellectual property rights.

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As global industry leaders, we have successfully completed hundreds of forensic website investigations for a variety of clients since 2015. Crucially, we have identified the masterminds behind multiple globe-spanning scam networks. Our experienced investigators have pioneered website cyber forensics specifically to identify the individuals/criminal syndicates operating websites used for cybercrime operations. This means we painstakingly pull the website apart to determine who is responsible and produce a detailed, comprehensive report. Conducting very technical and complex investigations, we have an exceptionally high capability with our website cyber forensics. Due to the internet and criminal techniques continually changing, our team ensure they constantly stay abreast of any changes and in many ways pioneer the art of website cyber forensics. No other private investigations company offers our level of website cyber forensics experience, expertise and results. We will leave no stone unturned to find the culprits behind a scam website.


Website cyber forensic investigations completely deconstruct the scam website with the aim of identifying the offenders responsible for its operation. Our website cyber forensic investigators are highly skilled at identifying, isolating and untangling webs of complex data associated with domains, websites and hosting accounts. Our team then link the digital leads with people, corporate entities, business partners and addresses. Due to the nature of the internet, our team can investigate websites hosted anywhere in the world and for clients from all countries. Whilst the offending website is the core focus of our investigation, our investigators deliver a broad probe that also expands into corporate database and open-source searches, document analysis, investigative database searches and social media analysis, where applicable. This recent article gives a more in-depth look at our process, which targets cyber fraud and scams, copyright violations and defamation.

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Our investigators are international experts at identifying the perpetrators behind investment scams, asset recovery scams, romance scams and email scams. As such, we offer website cyber forensics as a standalone product and as part of our comprehensive cyber fraud investigations. Website cyber forensics play a crucial part in these investigations because websites are the core component of most scams. For more information on all aspects of our cyber fraud investigations, visit this page.

Our experienced investigators have successfully conducted countless online copyright investigations. We understand that action cannot be taken against offenders unless they are identified. Therefore, our website cyber forensic techniques are cutting-edge and designed to identify and pursue even the smallest of leads. Whether someone is impersonating your site or leaking sensitive proprietary documents, we can conduct a comprehensive investigation.


Defamation is not only a personal issue – it can also affect business and family relationship. We take online defamation seriously and will assist you in identifying the offender, collecting court-admissible evidence and applying disruptive techniques to stop the defamation in its tracks. This can also be extended to include a social media investigation.