If you have been scammed by a scam email address, or if you require further analysis, please contact our expert team for advice. Complete this form to report a Scam Email address. Ensure you provide a copy of the email contents, and how you encountered the scam email address, how you know it’s a scam, and if you were scammed yourself.

Expert Scam Investigations

Report a Scam Website with Cybertrace Scam Website Reporting Tool

Cybertrace is at the forefront of combatting online scams through a comprehensive approach that not only involves sophisticated tools but also emphasises the importance of public education and active engagement. Understanding that knowledge is power in the fight against cybercriminals, Cybertrace has dedicated a significant portion of its resources to developing and providing a suite of tools, educational materials, and expert advice tailored to empower individuals and organisations alike in identifying, avoiding, and reporting scams. If you want to take further action after you report a scam email address, contact an investigator at Cybertrace below.