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Protect your identity:

We recommend submitting any data to us securely via either a TOR browser or by using a trusted VPN and / or Proxy.

How we use your information:

Cybertrace action leaked information in three ways depending on the type of information submitted. Firstly, we may undertake an in-house investigation to disrupt or target the scam operation. Secondly, we may liaise directly with global law enforcement bodies to initiate a criminal investigation. Thirdly, we may use the information to publish articles on our website and publicly call out the actions of the scammers.

Your right to remain anonymous and confidentially:

Your identity will never be revealed to any law enforcement or third party unless you provide active consent in writing. The only metadata collected relating to your visit to this webpage. are basic cookies which do not track your location or attempt to identify you. You can control which cookies are collected by selecting the green cookies button at the bottom of this page. You may need to refresh your browser if you have accidently allowed all cookies.

Should you choose to submit information to us, we will scan your data to ensure there are no records which may indicate your identity prior to sharing the information with any person outside of Cybertrace. Should you wish to remain anonymous, we will respect your decision and abide by the outlined Use and Your Rights as outlined above.

Your data will be stored offline in a secure facility to protect it from any hacking attempt. Should you have any concerns about your submission to us and / or the storage of your data, please contact us.

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ScamiLeaks and parent company, Cybertrace would like to use your data for the following purposes; 1. Refer the data to law enforcement, 2. Conduct a private investigation, 3. Publish the data on the ScamiLeaks website. Please select the relevant box below.
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