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With our Head Office in Sydney, and an operational offices in Melbourne and The Hague, we have private cyber investigators in both Australia and the Netherlands servicing the world. Our Sydney, Melbourne and The Hague operations focus on private cyber fraud investigation, cryptocurrency tracing and due diligence operations. We apply innovative technologies to fight global cybercrime and we work closely with law enforcement in many regions of the world. Cybertrace Australia and Netherlands are fully licensed as Private Investigators and this licensing is verifiable by visiting our Accreditation page. Our licensing ensures that our customers are guarenteed qualified assessment and investigation of their case. To learn more about what is a private cyber investigator, please read on.

Cyber Investigations

Our Executives were Australian State and Federal government Investigators. We now focus purely on private cyber investigations as highly experienced Cyber Investigators

Cyber Intelligence

Our Investigators are cross trained in Cyber Investigations and Cyber Intelligence. This ensures that we provid our customers with a unique and valuable products and service.

Cyber Response

Whether you have been impacted by social media harassment, cryptocurrency fraud or other related cybercrime, our team are ready to assess and take on your case.


Although we are seeing more scammers being arrested by the police, Australian authorities are generally too slow to react. In many cases, an arrest is not made for up to one year after the offence took place. During this time, the scammers continue to offend and destroy the lives of many other victims. This is where technically skilled private investigators can assist by providing professional service to clients who wish to capture evidence privately, rather than wait for the police to investigate. Most police officers are now more willing to cooperate with private investigators as opposed to years gone by. Cybertrace believe that the key to combating cyber crimes is the continued use of public-private collaboration, raising cyber fraud literacy levels for the general public, ongoing education of police officers and private investigators to effectively deal with victims of cyber fraud, and an increased allocation of resources for investigating and prosecuting offenders, in a timely manner.

In terms of cyber crime, we have noticed an obvious change in the level of sophistication and victim manipulation over the past 2 years. As with any crime method, the longer it is used, the more refined it becomes. Although law enforcement has generally been slow to adapt to the investigation of cyber crimes, as opposed to traditional crimes, they are now beginning to understand the value of public-private collaboration which assists in most circumstances. More recently, cooperation with the private sector has increased the rate of successful prosecution against scammers.

Should you be the victim of a cyber crime and wish to fund your own evidence collection operation, please contact our private cyber investigators to discuss your case and we will provide you with a realistic and honest assessment of your case.

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