Whether you’re considering a new employee, business associate, or life partner, get peace of mind with an in-depth background check. Our licensed private investigators are internationally trusted experts in carrying out professional, discreet, and comprehensive background checks.

Rather than just offering automated data dumps like many discount providers, we deliver a premium intelligence product: professional background checks. Cybertrace’s comprehensive checks can confirm someone’s bona fides or uncover hidden wrongdoing, saving you time, money, and heartache. Whether for employment, business, or personal purposes, our checks carefully scrutinise someone’s criminal, commercial, financial, and personal history.

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Background checks are increasingly common in employment settings, particularly where access to money, sensitive information, and/or vulnerable populations are concerned. Background checks allow a company or person to validate someone else’s information and verify they’re who they claim to be.

However, background checks have much broader appeal: from evaluating investment opportunities, future business partners, or merger/acquisition targets to vetting loan applicants, prospective tenants, babysitters and carers, and even potential romantic partners. You can even request a check on yourself to find out what others (including investigators) see when they look you up.


Executive Due Diligence is a comprehensive background check investigation that helps companies assess and evaluate potential executive-level hires or partners. It involves a thorough examination of various aspects of the candidate’s professional background, reputation, and character. Importantly, it includes a check of the candidate’s employment history, education, financial standing, criminal records, and industry reputation.

The Executive Due Diligence process aims to mitigate the risks associated with hiring or partnering with new executives. Crucially, executive checks may reveal hidden or undisclosed issues that could negatively impact the company’s operations or reputation. Of course, Executive Due Diligence can also provide valuable insights into a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style. Importantly, insights from these checks can help companies make informed decisions that align with their business objectives and values.


An Employment Background Check is a process through which employers verify the information provided by a job candidate or employee. Typically, an employment check involves checking a candidate’s employment history, education, criminal record, credit history, and other relevant information.

The main purpose of an employment background check is to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the job. Additionally, it allows employers to reduce the risks associated with hiring someone who may have a history of misconduct/criminal activity.

Employers may conduct checks at different stages of the hiring process, depending on the role and the level of trust required. In some cases, background checks may also be required by law or industry regulations.


Doing a check before dating someone online is a useful precautionary measure to help ensure your safety and well-being. Online dating can be risky without a background check. That’s because it can be difficult to verify the identity and intentions of someone you’ve never met in person. Thankfully, you can order an online dating check for yourself or anyone else you want to keep safe. Whether it’s your child, sibling, or friend – our discreet service means they don’t ever have to find out.

Background checks can gather information about a potential partner’s history, including their criminal record, employment history, and social media activity. This information can help you determine whether the person is who they claim to be. Additionally, checks can reveal whether they have a history of dishonesty, violence, or other concerning behaviors.

While an online dating check may not reveal everything about a person, it can provide valuable insights. In addition, it can help you make a more informed decision about whether to pursue a relationship with them. Stay safe when online dating with an online dating background check.


Many discount providers offer background checks that are no more than automated information dumps from a range of online databases. While it is great to have lots of information, we stand out from others by offering a premium intelligence product.

Our private investigators have extensive experience with conducting detailed background checks analyses. Importantly, they add significant value to any information by applying their investigative skills and analytical expertise. As a result, we provide more depth and breadth than our competitors to give you the most complete picture possible.

As such, our background checks protect you, your family, your company, and your finances from unnecessary risk. See this recent blog for an example of the difference our service can make.

Background Checks, Background Search, Due Diligence, Investigator, national cirminal history, criminal history, criminal record, search check


Our private investigators offer a range of premium background check investigation services, and related intelligence products. What is appropriate for each client depends on their unique situation as well as the legal context.

For example, in Australia, we can only carry out a police check with the Subject’s consent. This might happen as part of the hiring process for new employees, for instance. However, even without the Subject’s consent, a premium background check investigation can still present a comprehensive picture of someone’s identity. This might include:

  • A detailed criminal and civil court appearance history
  • Information on any bankruptcies, property ownership, tenancy, self-managed superannuation funds, business or company registration
  • Past addresses, utility providers, and people the Subject resided with
  • Any domains or websites hosted by the Subject
  • Evidence of online gambling (within certain limitations)
  • The Subject’s social media history as well as any relevant associations with others
  • Any appearances in news media

For corporate clients undertaking regular or executive due diligence, there is even more. Cybertrace’s experienced private investigators can also provide information on Subjects who are politically exposed persons (PEP).

This may raise the level of risk due to international sanctions or exclusions. Additionally, PEPs are potentially implicated in money laundering or tax evasion schemes which could of course destroy your company’s reputation. Conduct an Executive Due Diligence background check to be on the safe side every time.