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Cyber Fraud Investigation

Financial Crime Investigation & Intelligence

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Our Services

It’s not your fault

Are you the victim of an online scam or cyber fraud? Cybertrace understands the methods used by global scam syndicates and can assist you to identify the individuals involved. We work closely with law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice

We can TRACE your Cryptocurrency!

We help the victims of cryptocurrency and trading platform scams through investigation and disruption operations. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ether or other coins or tokens, Cybertrace can help you recover your money by tracing the transaction. We are an Australia-based, global service provider.

Expert Opinion Services

Do you need an expert in cryptocurrency to provide admissible evidence for you court case, business operations or tax submission? Cybertrace are experts in all things crypto and can assist.

Experts in everything Blockchain

Cybertrace has recently expanded its operations and now offers Blockchain Analytics, Research & Development. Contact us for more information

We Can Help!

We provide comprehensive and discreet cyber bullying investigations for both individuals and for the workplace. Cybertrace are experts in identifying the individuals responsible so you can get your life back.

We Can Help!

Our analysts are experts in website digital forensics. Whether your case is linked to fraud or copyright infringements, our team will pull apart an offending website and determine who is behind it.

We leave no stone unturned

What is a due diligence investigation?

due diligence investigation is the examination of a company or person’s background including; finances, assets, court record, performance, mission, history, aims, clients, and anything else that may cause a risk to a third-party.

The Future of Insurance Investigations

Cybertrace has been providing cyber insurance investigations to the Australian Insurance industry for the past 5 years. Our products reduce risk and increase profits for our clients by identifying red flags and validating claims. We are recognised leaders in our field and utilise the latest technologies and cyber investigative techniques to increase results

All types of Background Checks Available

Whether it’s for pre-employment, romantic endeavours or business partners, we can help. Cybertrace Background Checks are trusted internationally by corporate and private consumers alike.

Need to Find Someone?

We have years of experience  providing premium skip tracing servicing in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. We are pioneers in the industry using custom built investigative tools to find your person.


Mark gibbons
Mark gibbons
James was very professional during the whole process from being scammed by a fake trading platform. He was able to trace where my BTC cashed out, with a thorough website analysis of the scammers we should hopefully prosecute down the track Highly recommend Cybertrace.
Mydwan Crabtree
Mydwan Crabtree
Excellent service and good advice!
Daniel Kuster
Daniel Kuster
The team from Cybertrace did an awesome job of tracing the guys behind the crypto scam and came back with a massive report of who and where. If you're a victim of cybercrime these are the guys you can trust.
Deanne Holmer
Deanne Holmer
Fantastic! Very thorough, informative and incredibly helpful, incredibly happy with the investigation service and results. Very much recommend, especially in in a world where cybercrimes are increasing.
Alex J
Alex J
The team at Cybertrace is absolutely amazing. They have been able, with some time, to identify the people that had defrauded me through various online scams, with very in depth, technical research that allowed for these scammers to be identified. They have also pointed me in the direction of specialty recovery companies to get my funds back, which is looking pretty good so far. Would definitely recommend their services.
dheeraj bhardwaj
dheeraj bhardwaj
Cybertrace people are true professionals and have excellence in cyber security business and investigation. Recently interacted with James who with his team not only uncovered a sizable cyber breach but also helped other ppl including me to warn in time and evade a financial risk/damange done. Can not thank you guys enough and wish you well for all you do and would like to highly recommend their services for any cyber security/investigation needs.
Nicole Bosnich
Nicole Bosnich
Was amazed at the extent of work that James & his team put into my crypto fraud investigation ... I was kept up to date with the progress along the way & was so relieved to find a legit company that was going to help me... Fully recommend these guys !!!
David Vanderveen
David Vanderveen
Cybertrace really came through when I had a lot of uncertainty around a spoof email and crypto currency theft. They were able to track the stolen currency from Blockchain through mixers and into the accounts where the currency was then extracted. They did the detective work necessary for authorities to take action. It was initially difficult for me to discover who legitimate crypto discovery firms might be with some bogus articles. I called James and talked to him about the process and cost. They delivered above the line in terms of expectations he set. It wasn't cheap, but it was great value and is the only option I could find to trace and track where my stolen crypto currency ended up.
Intelduct Accounts
Intelduct Accounts
James provided a thorough investigation, keeping me informed throughout. The result exceeded expectations and has provided certainly in relation to a fraudulent transaction. I would recommend Cybertrace to anyone requiring cyber-investigation.
Clay MTN
Clay MTN
These guys were quick with replying & gave very valuable advise on how to handle things, would recommend to anyone

Cybertrace in the Media

Australia targets ransomware with new national plan, CSO Online

Cybertrace’s Halpin said ransomware payments are in cryptocurrencies, making ransomware extortion a crypto-enabled crime. Australia is severely lacking in a system to deal with this element of ransomware, he said. “The Australian model for investigation and progression of cybercrime is broken.

Cybertrace Launches ScamSleuth

Cybertrace has launched ScamSleuth, an easy-to-use free scam detector. ScamSleuth provides the public with a mechanism to check if a website presents a scam risk. Online shoppers and investors simply enter a web address into the scam detector web portal. Within seconds, a traffic light system informs them of the risk level associated with the site.

Cyptocurrency Enabled and Dependant Crime 

Cybertrace’s Managing Director Dan Halpin co-wrote Chapter 10 of the Springer publication Financial Technology and the Law with Prof. Alana Maurushat of Western Sydney University. The publication is due for official release on 7 December 2021.

Russia Linked Conti Ransomware Gang Pillages Jewelry Brand Graff

Dan Halpin, Managing Director of Cybertrace, opines, “Non-payment of the ransom is a necessary global strategy for defeating ransomware gangs. Graff Jewelers will lose regardless of their decision, whether that be through ransom payment, loss of business records, or reputational damage.”

Our Ethos

We believe that ethics and integrity are the backbone of any quality company. To ensure you receive the highest quality service, we only recruit staff who believe in our core values.

IT Security

We guarantee your personal details are secure through our implementation of stringent business practice and governance. We ensure the security of your information by storing all records offline to avoid hacking and data leaks.


For when absolute confidentiality is a must. Our clientele are high net worth or high profile individuals who can't risk any breach of confidentiality in their personal and professional lives. We guarantee the highest level of confidentiality both during our provision of service, as well as after.


Our Director and Founder, Dan Halpin has a reputation as a leading innovator in the Australian and international intelligence community. Halpin Consulting frequently uses internal custom build technology to gain results that no others can.


Check First, Then Invest!


Our Story

Our story began in 2015, however, the seeds for Cybertrace were planted back in 2000. We are highly focused on client privacy with special consideration given to issues surrounding cyber-fraud; including hacking, scamming and identity theft. As such, our primary focus is strict confidentiality, stringent IT security, flawless integrity and premium customer service (not necessarily in that order).

Cybertrace are a team of Private Investigators specialising in (OSINT based) online investigation products to private and commercial clientele. All products are tailor-made, highly confidential and comprehensive. We guarantee the highest level product and service.

We have extensive experience with investigations relating to, cyber-fraud (including financial, romance & online dating scams), website forensics, due diligence background checks, cyber-bullying and skip tracing. We use advanced open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques to gain results that other can’t.

For more information on our online investigation services; including cyber-fraud, due diligence and background checks, please contact us for a confidential review of your requirements.

Cybertrace Australia are pioneers in cyber fraud investigation; including crytocurrency tracing and assets recovery. We have designed and built custom intelligence tools (OSINT) to assist with identifying offenders.

Internet fraud is a type of fraud or deception which makes use of the Internet by tricking victims into sending money or giving property and inheritance.

Cryptocurrency, binary options and payment platform scams are a type of fraud and are rapidly growing in sophistication and reach daily.

Do you need to know who is behind a website? Cybertrace Australia are leaders in the field of website forensics.

Whether it be to identify the owners of a website for cyber-fraud, or to identify who is responsible for breaching your intellectual property rights, Cybertrace can help. Cybertrace has years of experience with website forensics and all investigations are done in-house by our team of experts. We pull the website apart to determine what and who is responsible for it’s operation.

Cybertrace Australia are leaders in the field of cyber bullying & troll investigations.

Our custom investigative processes are designed to identify the offenders and hold them responsible for their hateful attack. From child victims to celebrities, Cybertrace can assist you with placing the power back into your hands.

Cybertrace Australia helps you make the right choices when interviewing and hiring staff. Our smart and cost-effective solutions are the perfect choice for busy employers who want to hire confidently. 

We are experts in background checks, social media and open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis; which is a vital source of intelligence that is often neglected by traditional background check service providers.


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