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Our expertise in cyber crime investigation has been recognised by top industry publications, highlighting our commitment to solving digital crime.

Dan Halpin speaks with Channel Ten’s The Project

Dan Halpin speaks with Channel Ten’s The Project about the state of scams in Australia in May 2024

Dan Halpin speaks with 9 News

Dan Halpin speaks with 9 News about the Andrew Forrest deepfake posted to Instagram in January 2024

ABC News. Cybertrace CEO, Dan Halpin ABC Interview Dec 2022

Dan Halpin speaks with ABC The current crypto landscape

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Our Services

Expert cyber investigations provide peace of mind and actionable intelligence and evidence

Cyber Fraud Investigation

Identify Who Scammed you

Are you the victim of an online scam or cyber fraud operation? Romance scams, investment fraud or phishing attacks: We understand the methods used by global scam syndicates and can identify the individuals involved. We work closely with international law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice.

Cryptocurrency Tracing

Trace Your Stolen Cryptocurrency

Using our AI tools, we help victims of cryptocurrency and trading platform scams through investigation, disruption and recovery operations. Whether it’s Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Ether or other cryptocurrencies, we can help you recover your investment by tracing the transactions through the blockchain to identify the destination wallet.

Cyber Bullying & Online Grooming Investigations

We Help You Keep Your Family Safe

Are you the victim of anonymous cyberbullying? Has a sexual predator tricked your child into sending explicit photos? Turn the tables on bullies, groomers and predators with Cybertrace’s cyberbullying and online grooming investigations. We are experts in tracing, locating and identifying offenders.

Social media Investigation

We Expose Cyberbullies, Stalkers and Harassers

We provide social media investigations for individuals and businesses experiencing online bullying, harassment, exptortion and impersonation. Using custom-built tools, we specialise in exposing offenders hiding behind anonymous accounts, helping influencers protect their brand reputation and discreetly reveal online cyberbullies.

Website Cyber Forensics

Uncover Who Operates a Scam Website

Our analysts are experts in website cyber forensics: Whether your case is linked to investment fraud or copyright infringement, our team can find the behind the offending website.

Background Checks

We Deliver All Types of Background Checks

Whether you are looking for a new employee, business associate or life partner, get peace of mind and make sure there are no red flags. Our background checks are professional, discreet, and trusted internationally by private and corporate customers. You can even request a background check on yourself!

Corporate Due Diligence

We provide due diligence services

We provide detailed risk assessments by forensically examining a company or person’s background for any signs of wrongdoing or risk using our corporate due diligence investigations. We work with businesses looking for executive hires, mergers, acquisitions and major contracts.

Missing Persons Investigations

We Find The People Who Are Hard to Find

We have extensive expertise and experience providing premium missing persons (skip tracing) services. Whether you are looking for an estate beneficiary, old school friend, long-lost love or biological parent, our team can help you. We are industry pioneers using custom-built investigative tools to find your person – wherever they are.

Cyber Insurance Investigations

We Are The Future of Insurance Investigations

For the past five years, we have pioneered cyber investigations for the insurance industry. Our products reduce risk and increase profits for our clients by either validating or refuting claims and identifying red flags. We are recognised leaders in our field and utilise cutting-edge technologies and techniques to optimise results.

Asset Recovery

We Help You Get Your Money Back

Combining in-house expertise and international partners, we offer professional assets recovery services for victims of scams and fraud: we can identify the offender using our state-of-art investigation techniques and assist in assets recovery.

Cryptocurrency Expert Opinion

We Provide Expert Opinions for Legal Cases

Do you need a cryptocurrency expert to provide admissible evidence for a court case, business operation or tax submission? Is your client going through a divorce and suspects their ex of hiding assets? Our experts can provide professional reports and, if preferred, appear as witnesses.

Online Brand Protection

Protect your online branding with Cybertrace

Online brand protection safeguards a company’s digital identity and reputation from counterfeiters, cyber squatters, and unauthorised use. By monitoring online channels, firms can detect infringements, ensuring brand integrity and customer trust in an increasingly digital marketplace.


James Mullins
James Mullins
Great vacation rentals.
Jenny Lloyd
Jenny Lloyd
I think James is one of the few people who knows the field of crypto. Other benefits I’ve found in working with Cybertrace are their responsiveness, and focus on finding solutions.
Glen Archer
Glen Archer
I would highly recommend James, Kayla, and the team at Cybertrace. We found them to be very professional and provided thorough information. During the process James answered all our questions via phone or email within 24 hours so the communication was great also. The reports gather by Cybertrace were very detailed and useful when we handed them over to the police. Thanks again.
Mark gibbons
Mark gibbons
James was very professional during the whole process from being scammed by a fake trading platform. He was able to trace where my BTC cashed out, with a thorough website analysis of the scammers we should hopefully prosecute down the track. After Cybertrace identified the individual I went hard with them on all there social media, emailing the individual that I know who they are. I have received back 75% of my funds from these low life’s. Highly recommend Cybertrace.
Ann Folks
Ann Folks
CyberTrace have been absolutely wonderful. They always keep you informed with what is happening with your case and have collected so much information regarding the individuals involved in my scam. I have been very impressed with everything. If you have been scammed, I recommend CyberTrace to help you. Thank you CyberTrace for all of your work.
Witness Dinna
Witness Dinna
I would like to thank you for your dignity, respect and professionalism. You clearly showed direction in the way you investigated my case. I highly recommend your services:)
Mydwan Crabtree
Mydwan Crabtree
Excellent service and good advice!
Daniel Kuster
Daniel Kuster
The team from Cybertrace did an awesome job of tracing the guys behind the crypto scam and came back with a massive report of who and where. If you're a victim of cybercrime these are the guys you can trust.
Deanne Holmer
Deanne Holmer
Fantastic! Very thorough, informative and incredibly helpful, incredibly happy with the investigation service and results. Very much recommend, especially in in a world where cybercrimes are increasing.

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Our Processes


Our Ethos

We believe that ethics and integrity are the backbone of any quality company. To ensure you receive the highest quality service, we only recruit staff who believe in our core values.


IT Security

We guarantee your personal details are secure through our implementation of stringent business practice and governance. We ensure the security of your information by storing all records offline to avoid hacking and data leaks.



When absolute confidentiality is a must. Many of our clientele are high net worth or high profile individuals who cannot risk any breach of confidentiality in their personal and professional lives. We guarantee the highest level of confidentiality during our provision of service, as well as after.

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Our CEO and Founder, Dan Halpin has a reputation as a leading innovator in the Australian and international private intelligence community. Cybertrace frequently uses internal custom built technology (including AI technology) to gain results that no others service provider can.


Cyber Fraud Investigators

Cybertrace’s story began in 2015, however, the seeds for Cybertrace were planted back in 2000. We are highly focused on client privacy with special consideration given to issues surrounding cyber fraud; including, investment scams, romance scams and identity theft. As such, our primary focus is strict confidentiality, stringent IT security, flawless integrity.

Cybertrace are a team of Private Investigators specialising in Cyber Fraud Investigation, Cryptocurrency Tracing and Assets Recovery services. We provide services to private and commercial clientele globally and have offices in Sydney Australia and The Hague Netherlands. All products are tailor-made, highly confidential and comprehensive. We guarantee the highest level product and service.

We have extensive experience with investigations relating to, cyber-fraud (including financial, romance & online dating scams), website forensics, due diligence background checks, cyber-bullying and harassment, and location based skip trace investigations. We use advanced techniques to gain results that others cannot.

For more information on our investigation services; including cyber-fraud, Asset Recovery Services, due diligence and &amp background checks, please contact us for a confidential review of your requirements.

Why Choose Cybertrace


  • Cybertrace Pty Ltd is an Australian owned intelligence-focused (OSINT) private investigation company. We also own and operate Cybertrace B.V which is our Dutch subsidiary. We are innovative Private Investigators and pioneers in the development of custom technology-based private investigation tools to increase our product capability.
  • Our Founder and CEO Dan Halpin is a world renowed Private Investigator and undisputed leader in the field of private intelligence and private investigation.
  • Cybertrace was structured with the same level professionalism, integrity and quality that client expect from government and top-tier corporations; whilst maintaining its boutique feel.
  • Cybertrace work closely with clients to determine the most efficient method of investigation based on current intelligence. This in turn saves you money through correct targeting and investigation planning.
  • Cybertrace understands your needs and guarantee the highest level of confidentiality and compliance with privacy legislation include the European and United Kingdom GDPR.
  • Cybertrace Private Investigation Services offer superior online (OSINT) investigation capabilities both in Australia and around the world. We are regularily engaged for internationally for multi-national cyber-fraud investigations.
  • Cybertrace Private Investigators are highly trained in online investigation related techniques including; open source intelligence (OSINT), cryptocurrency tracing, website forensic investigation, data analysis and Social Media Investigation.
  • Cybertrace takes client confidentiality to the next level. We store all client records on our encrypted cloud servers to protect personal information from hacking and identity theft.
  • Our reporting is first rate and used by other firms as the industry benchmark. We accurately describe the intelligence and evidence we collect due to our extensive combined law enforcement and intelligence background.
  • Cybertrace has built several custom investigation tools to assist us with capturing the intelligence and evidence you require.

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