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As new technologies and communication platforms evolve, they in turn become increasingly central to our daily lives. We have seen that digital platforms, including social network technologies, are closely linked to social activity. In this regard, social network platforms have also provided opportunities for insurers to who are attempting validate claims where red flags are identified. The benefit to you is that online based investigations reduce reputation risk, are efficient and timely, and save you money from identifying red flags and fraudulent claims.

Cybertrace Pty Ltd. are an Australian registered and operated Limited Liability Company which was founded in 2015 by former ASIO Officer, Dan Halpin. Cybertrace are global specialists in cyber-crime investigation and intelligence collection. Previously Cybertrace only provided services to select corporate and private clients, however, due to recent company growth and strategic re-modelling, Cybertrace is now offering services directly to the insurance industry. Over the past 6 years, Cybertrace has processed hundreds of insurance based investigations as third-party contractors.

Cybertrace has been licensed by the NSW Police for Investigations since 2016 and as our investigations are conducted remotely, we maintain national and international coverage. We are insured for $10m for Public Liability, Professional & Product Indemnity and Workers Compensation. We are members of the World Association of Detectives, Alternate Options Security Group and the Californian Association of Licensed Investigators.

Should you be interested in discussing your insurance investigation needs further, please feel free to contact a member of our team.


As the internet is now a primary focus of any insurance investigation, it makes sense to engage a private investigations firm that specialises in this type of investigation. Cybertrace are experts in social media searches and evidence preservation. Unlike most investigation companies, we don’t outsource any of our investigations. We utilise the latest techniques and technology to forensically record and preserve social media evidence.


For many years, social media has become the focus of our daily lives. Due to advances in technology and legislation, insurers can no longer undertake the broad surveillance investigations of the past. In 2015, Cybertrace developed a new approach to insurance investigations and focused on social media and open source records to identify red flags and validate claims. Our investigations reduce risk and increase profits for our clients.


Although social media alone can provide valuable evidence relating to an insurance claim, general open source records such as court appearances, company and business records, owned assets and a claimant’s overall cyber-footprint can provide crucial validation of a claim or identify red flags. Our cyber Insurance Investigators are experts at identifying sources of online evidence and assessing its relevance to a claim.