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Scam Investigations Australia & Global. Our investigators are international experts in cyber fraud investigations (scam investigations) and we can identify the perpetrators responsible. By identifying the offender, this will assist you to recover your assets

Cyber fraud:

As global industry pioneers, we understand the ever-changing methods used by global cyber fraud syndicates and can identify the individuals involved. By carrying out sophisticated online scam investigations and providing comprehensive and professional reports, Cybertrace shines a light on offenders. Furthermore, we work closely with international partners, including lawyers and law enforcement agencies, to recover assets and bring those responsible to justice.


While police departments have experience in cyber fraud investigations, their capability and resources are simply overwhelmed by the vast number of reports received. In turn, they are not able to provide victims with the service they deserve. As a private cyber fraud investigations company, Cybertrace offers immediate attention, unparalleled capabilities, and custom-built technology to identify scammers anywhere.

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Our analysts use website cyber forensicscryptocurrency tracing and other techniques to discover who the perpetrators are. Once Cybertrace has identified them, we work in close collaboration with national and international partners to recover assets. Our extensive experience in working with various police departments means that we clearly understand their investigative evidence requirements and processes.


Alongside independent client reviews and a growing international reputation, our commitment to transparency creates trust in our cyber fraud investigations. Clients can independently verify Cybertrace’s accreditation, such as our private investigation master license, through the NSW Government. Additionally, our investigators and intelligence specialists come from both private and government backgrounds. Our cyber fraud investigations are overseen by Founder and CEO, Dan Halpin, whose capability is unrivalled in the Australian online private investigation industry. Dan’s background includes working with:

Dan leads a diverse and dynamic team with backgrounds in cyber securitywebsite forensics, private investigation, global studies, and psychology.

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