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Our social media investigations track down a range of malicious individuals responsible for trolls, online harassment, and other online malicious activities including:

As industry leaders, our social media investigators offer unrivaled expertise and premium custom-built technology. We protect you, your family, your reputation, and your brand. Instead of just blocking trolls, work with our social media investigators to identify them.

Specialising in exposing offenders hiding behind anonymous fake accounts, our social media investigations use the latest technology to leave no stone unturned. Whether they’re using fake Facebook profiles, unidentified Instagram accounts, or dating apps, our experienced investigators can help you get justice. Our discreet, effective, and reliable service is available to both high-profile clients as well as members of the general public. In addition, we can also provide actionable intelligence and court-admissible evidence for insurance claims, divorce settlements, custody battles, or other legal cases. Whatever your needs, our social media investigations have you covered. If you are in need of a social media or cyber bullying investigator, you have come to the right place. We expose offenders for all types of online harassment.

Cyber Bullying Investigations


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Who Needs Social Media Investigations?

Unfortunately, cyberbullying and online harassment in the form of grooming, stalking, trolling, impersonating, blackmailing or malicious rumourmongering is pervasive. While it can take many different forms, all are devastating for the victim. For instance, a fake profile might send harassing messages about your alleged indiscretions, threatening to reveal them to the public. Alternatively, someone might set up a profile or page impersonating, slandering, and defaming you. Then again, anonymous accounts might post bad reviews of your business to try and ruin your reputation. Finally, you might wonder if the person you’re dating online is genuine or a scammer trying to sell you crypto. Whatever cyber dilemma you find yourself in, we are here to help with our rigorous and comprehensive social media investigations. Our experienced social media investigators have the tools and capability to deliver vital intelligence to help victims get justice.

Fake or Anonymous Accounts

While connecting us globally, social media also provides new opportunities for ruthless anonymous cyberbullies, creepy online groomers, and vengeful harassers. From defamation to scams, data mining to hate speech, election interference to the spread of misinformation, harassment, and cyberstalking, social media has a deeply troubling side. One area where this is particularly apparent is the scourge of fake or anonymous profiles and accounts. As detailed in our recent articles on Facebook and Instagram, more than one in ten social media accounts are not genuine. It’s here that we see a clear need for professional social media investigations to unmask and expose bullies and harassers. In addition, we offer specialised services where children are involved and in danger of online grooming by sexual predators.

Fake or anonymous social media accounts are not new. However, despite providers’ efforts to deal with fake profiles, their numbers only look set to grow further. Additionally, police often have bigger fish to fry than chasing individual cases of defamation, cyberbullying, and online harassment. And even if a social media platform does act and shut down a Profile or Page, cyberbullies, groomers, and online harassers often simply set up another one. A game of whack-a-mole ensues but the central task remains unsolved. You still don’t know how to find out who is behind a fake or anonymous account, which is why our expert social media investigations are so desperately needed. Likewise, our cyber bullying investigators bring a great deal of relief to victims by exposing anonymous offenders and securing evidence.

What We Offer

Our tried and tested premium investigative products empower you to act. Most importantly, our reports provide the ammunition needed to stop accounts, profiles, and pages from bullying, stalking, and harassing you. Depending on the investigation, they might confirm the exact identity and/ or IP address of the perpetrator. Even when that is not possible, in almost all cases our meticulous reports provide actionable intelligence to take to the police or your lawyer. Our clients have used these successfully to initiate police investigations, confront perpetrators directly or present as evidence in court cases. Whatever path of action you decide to go down, our social media investigations give you the first vital step: premium intelligence.

As an industry leader in the field of social media investigations, Cybertrace uses a combination of technical investigative techniques to find out who is behind anonymous or fake social media accounts. This includes comparing published content and writing styles used by the fake profile to any individuals identified as potential suspects. Cybertrace has also developed its own highly specialised tools with the capability to deploy through various social media platforms to extract user information, such as an IP address. No other investigators use the same technical tools and the social engineering our investigators deploy to trap cyberbullies, groomers, and online harassers. With global capabilities, Cybertrace can identify offenders located anywhere in the world that are hiding behind fake social media profiles.

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