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April 4, 2022 · 7 min read

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Whether you want peace of mind or proof of wrongdoing, Cybertrace offers premium social media and online dating investigations. There are many scenarios where our services help you see more clearly, especially where your heart and/or finances are concerned. Is the cute guy you are chatting with on Tinder actually real, single, and working at that investment bank? Or is he trying to catfish and scam you? Do you suspect that your spouse may be cheating on you and want either proof or peace of mind? Is your ex cyber-stalking you and you don’t know how to stop him? Do you need evidence in a court case or custody battle? Are you worried about the shady background of a family member’s new beau?

Cybertrace’s professional, ethical, and discreet social media and online dating investigations provide you with vital, up-to-date information. And the best thing: the subject of the investigation won’t even know that it’s happening! Our experienced investigators deliver high-quality evidence that meets your needs as well as the standards of evidence for court cases. Contact Cybertrace today and protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud, heartache, and deception.

What is the biggest risk in online dating?

Online dating has changed the way most people now meet their lovers, partners, and friends. However, while it has widened the pool of potential matches, it has also opened the door to scammers and fraudsters. Able to hide behind a fake online identity, they can directly target and woo unsuspecting victims. Using tactics such as love bombing, fraudsters get around victims’ defences and prey on their dreams, hopes and desires. After gaining their targets’ trust, romance scammers will usually ask for money under the pretext of some crisis or emergency. Alternatively, they might involve them in a more elaborate scam by casually mentioning seemingly lucrative investment opportunities (often involving cryptocurrencies). By some estimates, a whopping one in ten online dating accounts are fakes designed to scam you! Luckily, our online dating investigations can help you to sort the wheat from the chaff.

What should I look out for apart from scams?

Putting aside scams and cons for a moment, even real individuals admit to lying on their online dating profiles. In fact, up to 80% of online daters admit to doing so regarding their age, job/career, or even their relationship status! While it pays to have a healthy amount of suspicion, you also want to enjoy dating and not second-guess everyone. So, what should you do? Especially where the prospect of a serious relationship is concerned, an online dating investigation can give you peace of mind. Of course, the same is true for relationships we are already in as well as those of our family/loved ones. Are others hiding something unsavoury? Gut feelings are important to listen to, but it’s even better to have real evidence to confirm or dispel them. Social media and online dating investigations can reveal the truth about secret affairs, ulterior motives, or even criminal pasts.

How do I protect myself from fraudsters, liars, and cheaters online?

There are of course many tips for protecting yourself from fraudsters, liars, and cheaters on online dating sites. To name a few: watch out for profiles that pretend to be celebrities, have few (or only glamour) photos, are always unable to video-chat for some reason, shower you with love when they don’t really know you, or send you unprompted links to other websites. Trust your gut instinct and remember the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! While dating can be light and fun, many people are actually looking for love and commitment. Here, a social media and online dating investigation can help protect your heart as well as your finances, especially when you met online and don’t have a shared network of friends.

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What about the offline world?

Unfortunately, liars and cheaters don’t just exist in an online dating context. Trust and openness are vital ingredients of relationships and, where these have broken down, it’s hard knowing what to do. You might suspect your own partner of infidelity but want proof before you confront them. You could be in the tricky situation of already having to navigate a court case, messy divorce, or custody battle. Or you might be concerned for a family member and have your suspicions about their new crush. In all these cases, it is important to have the clarity that actual evidence provides us with. A social media and online dating investigation digs deep to find clear (and admissible) evidence that gives you solid ground to stand on.

What does an online dating investigation look like?

Social media and online dating investigations reveal a romantic partner’s true identity, motives and behaviours. Many discount providers offer investigations that are no more than automated or surface-level information dumps. While it is great to have lots of information, Cybertrace stands out from others by offering a premium intelligence product. Our experienced analysts sift through the details and add significant value to any information by applying their investigative skillset and analytical expertise. As a result, we provide more depth and breadth than our competitors to give you the most complete picture possible. Importantly, this protects you and your loved ones from unnecessary risk and heartache.

Why does Cybertrace stand out from the crowd?

Our investigators gather in-depth information across multiple platforms, conduct extensive background checks and trace messages back to their original sources. As a leader in the field of social media and online dating investigations, Cybertrace uses a combination of technical investigative techniques to uncover the truth. This includes comparing published content and writing styles of individuals to reveal the identity behind fake or anonymous profiles. Cybertrace has also developed its own highly specialised tools with the capability to deploy through various social media platforms to extract user information, such as an IP address. No other investigators use these devices and the social engineering our investigators deploy to trap stalkers, cheaters, harassers, and scammers. As our Google Reviews attest, our clients value the outcomes we provide.

What premium online dating investigation services does Cybertrace offer?

Whether you want peace of mind or confirmation of your suspicions, Cybertrace offers a range of premium online dating investigations. What is appropriate to each client depends on their unique situation as well as the legal context. For example, full criminal background checks can only be carried out with the Subject’s consent. However, even without the Subject’s consent, a premium social media and online dating investigation can still present a comprehensive picture of someone’s identity. This might include:

  • a detailed criminal and civil court appearance history;
  • information about their employment and work history;
  • information on any bankruptcies, property ownership, tenancy, self-managed superannuation funds, business or company registration;
  • past addresses, utility providers and people the Subject resided/resides with;
  • any domains or websites hosted by the Subject;
  • evidence of online gambling (within certain limitations);
  • the Subject’s social media history as well as any relevant associations with other people;
  • any appearances in news media;
  • for high-profile clients, Cybertrace can also provide additional information on the Subject being a politically exposed person (PEP), affected by any international sanctions or exclusions, or potentially implicated in money-laundering or tax evasion schemes.

How can Cybertrace help?

There are several ways in which Cybertrace can help you with a social media and online dating investigation. If you are unsure whether a person you have matched with online is real, Cybertrace can confirm their bona fides. Likewise, if you suspect your spouse of infidelity, experience cyber-stalking or harassment by an ex, require evidence for a court case or need a background check on a family member’s new partner, we are here to help. And if you have already been a victim of a romance scam, don’t despair (or be embarrassed)! Cybertrace has vast amounts of experience and expertise in tracing cryptocurrencies and works with law enforcement and asset recovery companies. Contact Cybertrace’s team of experienced investigators today to discuss how we can help you!

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