The Next Generation in Scam Website Detection

We are pleased to announce that our free website detector, ScamID is being upgraded and the construction of ScamID v2 is well and truly underway. ScamID v2 is a commercial-grade version of our freeware with a great deal more capability. It has been designed for use by our government and financial sector clients specifically in mind.

The ScamID v2 system aggregates information from various sources, including our proprietary intelligence, which is derived from human intelligence (HUMINT), user-submitted fraud reports, and our proactive scam syndicate investigations. This multifaceted data is meticulously analysed, enriched, and then integrated into ScamID, providing a unique dataset unavailable elsewhere.

We’re excitedly advancing our technology with the development of ScamID v2, which will increasingly utilise our exclusive data. This new version will incorporate cutting-edge techniques for identifying interconnected websites, using our distinctive fingerprinting methods coupled with corroborative data from our partners, enhancing the precision of our risk assessments. Our goal is to refine these processes from manual to automated, significantly expanding our scope and efficiency.

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