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How to find Cryptocurrency in Divorce Cases

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October 31, 2022 · 4 min read

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Unfortunately, divorce has become an all-too-common feature of contemporary life, with one in three marriages ending in annulment. While navigating this emotionally charged process is difficult at the best of times, financial matters add another challenging dimension. Whether it’s the end of a marriage or de facto relationship, shared assets need to be divided proportionately and many people are asking us, how to find crypto in divorce cases. But what if one spouse doesn’t play fairly and tries to hide their investments? Once upon a time, they may have established elaborate offshore bank accounts to do so. But what if cryptocurrencies now make it easier to hide wealth? Divorce lawyers and family law practitioners are realising that the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies makes their job much harder. After all, you can only get a fair deal for your client if all the assets are known and on the table! Luckily, Cybertrace provides a vital service in this space: tracing cryptocurrency in divorce cases.

Family Law and Hidden Assets

When couples divorce, the law stipulates that marital assets are fairly divided between both parties. When working out a property settlement, the first step is usually to establish an asset pool. This includes both parties disclosing their assets and liabilities, including things like the family home, cars, superannuation, investments and loans/mortgages. Once it is clear how much there is in total, the parties and their lawyers work out a fair division. While this is a well-established process, it does require both parties’ full and frank disclosure. Divorce lawyers know that some spouses will try to cheat by hiding/not disclosing their assets. Where they once did this via complex offshore accounts, cryptocurrencies provide a much easier and more accessible pathway for cheats. Thankfully, cryptocurrencies do not provide the perfect anonymity those using them hope for. In fact, our expert investigators have perfected the art of tracing cryptocurrencies in divorce cases.


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Cryptocurrencies on the rise

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Tether are rapidly gaining in popularity, with one in ten people now owning these digital assets. As decentralised online currencies, cryptocurrencies are electronic tokens generated by networks of computers. They are essentially digital currencies able to complement or replace traditional currencies by cutting out the middleman: the banks. To generate and maintain trust in crypto, the blockchain, a publicly accessible ledger, records all transactions. Finding cryptocurrency in divorce cases can thus be done much more quickly than locating funds in hidden offshore bank accounts. In fact, having access to skilled cryptocurrency tracers can eliminate the need for warrants and subpoenas! But how does tracing cryptocurrency work?


how to find crypto in divorce case

Tracing Cryptocurrencies

Our certified cryptocurrency tracers can locate the most hidden digital assets using world-leading software and custom-designed AI tools. Whether it’s Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Ether or other cryptocurrencies, we can help you identify all assets by tracing the transactions through the blockchain to identify the destination wallet. As industry leaders and innovators, we have successfully completed hundreds of investigations since expanding operations in 2020 to include cryptocurrency tracing. We are the first certified Australian provider of cryptocurrency tracing services to clients worldwide. Using the same software as some of the globe’s leading law enforcement agencies, our analysts’ experience and investigative skillset are world-class. Boasting a 97% success rate for Bitcoin traces, our work plays a vital role in tracing cryptocurrencies in divorce cases.

tracing and finding crypto in divorce cases

How Cybertrace can find crypto for a divorce hearing

If you suspect an ex of hiding their assets in cryptocurrency, and need to know how to find crypto in divorce cases, contact Cybertrace today for a free and confidential assessment. Our team will provide frank and honest advice, walk you through your options and support you throughout the process. As Australia’s first provider of cryptocurrency tracing services to the public, we have completed hundreds of successful traces. After expanding our domestic business and opening a second office in The Netherlands, we are now taking on clients worldwide. If you have a need for tracing cryptocurrency in divorce cases, get some serious expertise on your side. Don’t let cheating exes win – contact Cybertrace and take action today!

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