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Crypto Recovery Scam Investigation

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Cybertrace Team

July 26, 2021 · 8 min read

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Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam

Alert: current crypto recovery scams!

Beware of these current crypto recovery scams and do NOT invest your money with them. If they have already defrauded you, contact Cybertrace asap to discuss how we can help you with a scam investigation to identify the operators. Please share this blog widely with friends and family to keep our community safe from scammers! Also, please bookmark this blog and keep checking regularly. Over time, we will add other crypto recovery scams to this blog as our analysts investigate them.

eFunds Recovery

Our analysts have become aware of a new scam pretending to help people recover their bitcoin or other crypto currency losses from other scams: eFunds Recovery. Because this fake company preys on people who have already lost money to other crypto scams…

Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam

Broker Complaint Alert

Once again, Cybertrace has come across a suspicious asset recovery operators: BrokerComplaintAlert. Apart from not being registered, regulated or accredited anywhere, these operators systematically use fake news and fake reviews to push their bitcoin recovery scams…

Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam


Today, our experienced analysts are issuing an unambiguous scam warning about a scam syndicate operating under the name Cyphertracer. Using well-known recovery scam tactics, the scammers pretend to help victims of cryptocurrency fraud, binary trading and forex trading…

Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam

Funds Back

After careful investigation, Cybertrace analysts are issuing the strongest possible alert level about the Funds Back scam. Do not trust these guys! Like other recovery scams, the Funds Back scammers pretend to help victims of fraud, only to swindle them out of even more money…

Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam

Climax Recovery

News flash: Cybertrace declares Climax Recovery a fraud! Like other crypto recovery scams, Climax recovery uses false claims to build a fake facade of expertise. While they pose as a helpful interface between you and financial institutions, all they are really after is your money…

Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam

Funds Recovery

Cybertrace investigators uncover yet another crypto recovery scam: Funds Recovery. Supposedly operating in Europe, Australia and the United States, these scammers have a terrible track record. They fleece victims who have already lost so much of even more money…

Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam

Express Crypto Back

Our expert analysts are issuing yet another urgent scam warning. Express Crypto Back is a fake crypto recovery service that gets victims’ hopes up only to betray them again. Promising easy and guaranteed recovery of funds, these scammers have no intention of actually helping…

Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam

Bermuda Finance Security

Do not be fooled by an illustrious name! Cybertrace can confirm that Bermuda Finance Security is yet another in a long line of crypto recovery scams.  Their professional-looking and slickly designed website flatters to deceive and is designed to suck in innocent victims…

Crypto Recovery, Recovery Scam, Crypto Scam

Claim Justice

Cybertrace investigators are issuing an urgent alert about Claim Justice. Scam victims looking for help in recovering their funds should steer clear of the website or its affiliates. Like other recovery scam artists, this outfit likely only pretends to help scam victims while simply fleecing them a second time…

Sterling Law Crypto Recovery Scam
Crypto Recovery Scam

Sterling Law

To add to our growing list of recovery fraud, Cybertrace is urgently alerting the public to the Sterling Law scam. With many people who have lost money clearly worried, our investigators are fielding increasing numbers of inquiries about this website. Our advice is simple and straightforward…

Watch this space! Soon, Cybertrace will add more crypto recovery scams…

What are crypto recovery scams?

In general, cryptocurrency fraud is on a steep rise globally, overwhelming police with tens of thousands of cases per year. Often, scammers dupe their targets with fraudulent cryptocurrency trading or investment opportunities, fleecing them of their hard-earned income or retirement savings. Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, they seek to exploit many people’s unfamiliarity as well as the anonymity afforded by the platform. So far, so well-known.

With thousands of victims desperate to recoup their money, a secondary fraud market has now opened up: crypto recovery scams. Here, fraudsters pretend to help victims of an initial scam recover their Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), only to con them a second time!

Unfortunately, some victims search for and inadvertently reach out to scam recovery agents themselves. On the other hand, others may join scam-related discussions forums, where fake reviews give them hope by providing contact details of supposed scam recovery agents.

Others again are contacted out of the blue by a supposed recovery agent, investigator, or law firm, claiming to be assisting victims of the scam. In doing so, they might claim to have located the victim’s cryptocurrencies and can reverse the transaction. However, if the scam recovery agent or fraudulent law firm contacts the victim, they are actually the same scammers, simply operating a secondary scam. Also, be aware that cryptocurrency transactions CANNOT be reversed.

However contact is established, scam recovery agents promise an easy process and guaranteed success, while using fake news and fake reviews to disorient their targets. Sadly, Cybertrace is aware of some victims who have lost more through crypto recovery scams than through the initial con!

What is the Crypto Recovery Scam Investigation?

Due to our concern about this rapid increase, Cybertrace is launching its new Crypto Recovery Scam Investigation. Here, you will find background articles delving into all the relevant aspects of crypto recovery scams. Ultimately, we hope this will equip you with the knowledge to spot and avoid such scams and protect your hard-earned money!

On our site, you will also encounter a continually updated list of crypto recovery scams, with links to short articles on individual scams. Make sure you bookmark and return to this blog regularly, so you are up to date on the latest scams. Also, share it widely with your family and friends to help protect others from scammers!

Cybertrace-investigation-scam-sleuth, claim-justice.com-recovery, recovery, recovery scam, investigation, crypto recovery scam, crypto
Crypto Recovery, Crypto Scam

What if you are a crypto recovery scam victim?

If crypto recovery scammers have already managed to dupe you, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed. Instead,  contact the certified experts at Cybertrace today to discuss how our experienced investigators might be able to help you.

If you are a current or former staff member of a scam syndicate and would like to speak with us, you can contact us anonymously via [email protected]. We have successfully worked with conscientious insiders when investigating previous scams, thus bringing justice and relief to long-suffering victims. Indeed, your help can make a real difference!

Further Reading

Here you will find further Cybertrace articles on different aspects of cryptocurrency fraud and crypto recovery scams. Knowledge is power – arm yourself!

Cryptocurrency Trading Scams

Trading cryptocurrencies has become a legitimate and sometimes lucrative investment avenue. Most people have heard of ‘get rich’ stories through trading online currencies. However, as this type of investing has become more popular, it has also attracted organised criminals…

Cryptocurrency Fraud Explained

Cryptocurrencies, or digital currencies such as Bitcoin, are a decentralised online currencies, meaning there is no authority controlling the currencies. As with any new technology, it’s caught the attention of criminals, and cryptocurrency platforms are rife with scammers and cryptocurrency fraud…

What is a Secondary Scam and how can you avoid it?

A secondary scam occurs when the victim of a scam is targeted again in a secondary or follow-up scam. One of the most common types of secondary scams we see is when a victim of a scam is contacted by a scammer impersonating authorities, a government body, an insurance company, an investigator, or a lawyer…

claim-justice.com-, recovery, recovery scam, investigation, crypto

Tracing Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Cybertrace investigators and cryptocurrency analysts are excited to announce the launch of a new product: Cryptocurrency Tracing. As the first company in Australia to offer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tracing to the public, Cybertrace has the capability of tracing over 800 different types of cryptocurrencies…

The Real Assets Recovery Process. Is it easy?

As scams are operated from various global jurisdictions, the process of identifying the offenders, following the money trail, and confronting the offenders is a very difficult and complex process. The key to any Assets Recovery operation is identifying the offenders, so you know WHO to chase for a refund of your money…

cyber-fraud-investigation-private-investigator, claim-justice.com-recovery-scam-investigation, recovery, recovery scam, investigation, crypto recovery scam, crypto

Cyber Fraud / Scam Investigations Overwhelm Police, Private Investigators Play Vital Role

It is obvious that police worldwide can simply no longer deal with the huge number of complaints of cyber fraud. Clearly, this is the new normal. If victims want action, they will need to engage private investigators to do the pain-staking online detective work via a scam investigation…

claim-justice.com-recovery-scam-investigation, recovery, recovery scam, investigation

Bitcoin Recovery Scams: The Role of Fake News and Fake Reviews

Let’s imagine you have been the victim of a cryptocurrency trading scam and have lost a lot of money. Because you have been burned before, you are suspicious but also really want to recover your funds via a legitimate scam investigation. This is where fake news and fake reviews can be so pernicious. Because scammers design them to look, sound, and feel authentic and independent…

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