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May 30, 2022 · 7 min read

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Most of us probably only know private investigators from the movies. Dudes in leather jackets hanging around in cars, scribbling on notepads, taking photos with long-range lenses. Or chatting to The Subject in a bar using a fake cover story. To be clear, these types of private investigators exist, but you might well think to yourself: so what would these guys be doing … online? In fact, online private investigators use a similar investigative mindset but employ a completely different technological skillset. Using sophisticated computer programs, tracking technology and cyber forensics, they trace digital footsteps and fingerprints across borders and devices. They can help with romance scams, social media investigations, background checks and cyber bullying investigations. As the world increasingly moves online, new possibilities for cyber investigations have opened up. For cyber investigators like Cybertrace, it feels like the world is finally joining us online in our field of expertise.

What is an online private investigator?

It’s important to note that online private investigators are not police detectives. Members of the police force have special state-sanctioned privileges, such as the ability to request information, issue fines, make arrests, and use lethal force. Moreover, police focus exclusively on investigating criminal activity and have to prioritise. That means they are not able to give every case the same attention. In addition, they might not have the time, training, and resources to conduct comprehensive cyber investigations for individual victims.

Investigator, Online Investigator, Fraud Investigator, Scam Investigator, Social Media Investigator

Online private investigators, on the other hand, can dedicate as much time to an investigation as is necessary. In doing so, they use their specialist cyber-investigative and technological skillsets to gather intelligence and conduct research online. This fact-finding can be for criminal or civil cases, personal or professional disputes, romance scams, cyber bullying or social media investigations, background check, or simply for clients’ peace of mind. While online private investigators can only gather information, they are able to pursue both criminal and civil cases.

In fact, online private investigators can even look into cases that aren’t actually illegal but that matter to their clients. These may include investigating fraud, finding missing persons, running background checks, keeping tabs on cheating spouses, locating witnesses in civil suits, identifying cyber bullying and uncovering facts about a target’s financial, personal or legal matters. Good online private investigators are worth their weight in gold. They can find information in hours that would take another person weeks or even months to track down.

Investigator, Online Investigator, Fraud Investigator, Scam Investigator, Social Media Investigator, background check

Why do I need an online private investigator?

There are several reasons why people may choose an online private investigator over going to the police. Firstly, the police’s remit is strictly about investigating criminal activity, while your problem may fall within civil law or not even be illegal at all. For example, a cheating spouse probably hasn’t broken any laws, but the deceived partner may still want clarity. Secondly, even if it is a criminal matter, the police might not have the time or capability to investigate. This is especially true for cyber fraud, investigations of which are often complex, time-intensive and dependent on technological capacity. The same is true for romance scams and social media investigations. Finally, online private investigators such as Cybertrace have cultivated a resource and knowledge base that shades most local police departments.

Thankfully, we do not work in competition, but in cooperation, with the police and clients’ lawyers. For example, in cases involving cyber-fraud, many of our clients have taken Cybertrace’s comprehensive intelligence reports to the police who were then able to open an investigation and prosecute the offenders. Others have taken results of our romance scams and social media investigations to their lawyers. Similarly, we have identified cyber bullies, conducted surveillance, searched records, and collected evidence that clients and their lawyers were able to use in civil court cases. Cybertrace understands the standards of evidence required for court cases and has successfully concluded MOUs with several Australian police forces.

What can an online private investigation be used for?

There are many uses for the work produced by private online investigators. They might provide vital intelligence in a cyber-fraud case. This could help in identifying the offender and allow the client to take action to recover their assets. Furthermore, they might provide evidence that clients can utilise in criminal and civil court cases. This could include apprehended violence orders, defamation, fraud, cyber bullying, harassment and stalking. Finally, they can help with more personal matters of the heart. You can locate old high school friends, catch cheating spouses or run background checks on potential love interests. If you want to know more about a person, organisation or activity, start by hiring an online private investigator.

Investigator, Online Investigator, Fraud Investigator, Scam Investigator, Social Media Investigator, Investigator, Online Investigator, Fraud Investigator, Scam Investigator, Social Media Investigator, background check, cyber bullying

Why should I choose Cybertrace?

While there are many online private investigators, Cybertrace stands out by offering a premium intelligence product. Our experienced analysts add significant value to any information by applying their investigative skillset and analytical expertise. As a result, we provide more depth and breadth than our competitors to provide the most complete picture possible. Importantly, this protects you, your family, your company, and your finances from unnecessary risk.

Our online private investigators and intelligence specialists come from private and government backgrounds. CEO Dan Halpin‘s capability is unrivalled in the Australian online private investigation industry. Dan’s background includes the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation – ASIO (Australia’s domestic spy agency); NSW Police Force, Counter-Terrorism Intelligence; Australian Federal Police – AFP Joint Counter-Terrorism Team; and Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, to name a few.

Although our police departments have experience, capability and access to restricted source information, they are simply overwhelmed by the vast number of reports to provide you with the service you deserve. In the case of Cybertrace’s online private investigators, we don’t have the same delay in initiating your investigation, and can quickly identify and capture evidence via our extensive international network. Once the evidence and intelligence are gathered for your case, it can be referred back to the police who will likely show more enthusiasm.

Trust-Protection-Cybertrace, Scam, Money, Funds, Recovery, Assets, Assets Recovery, Recover Money, cyber bullying

We have extensive experience with various police departments in Australia and understand their investigative evidence requirements and processes. Cybertrace’s online private investigators conduct full-time cyber investigations and pride themselves on being international industry pioneers.

What services does Cybertrace provide?

Cybertrace provides a range of online private investigator services, including:

Online Scams & Cyber Fraud Investigations: identifying criminals and helping you recover your funds

Cryptocurrency & NFT Tracing: locating assets and helping you recover your funds.

Romance Scam & Online Dating Investigations: making sure current partners and potential love interests are real people, not cheats and scammers

Background Checks: getting the full picture when it comes to potential spouses, business partners and new hires

Missing Persons, Witness Locations & Persons of Interest: finding contact details for people who have disappeared or reconnecting with an old friend or lost love

Online Grooming: protecting your child and unmasking online predators

Social Media Investigations & Online Reputation Management: identifying negative online content on social media and who is responsible for it

Cyber Bullying & Anonymous Online Harassment: identifying offenders and preventing damage to people and businesses (including anonymous/fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram)

Catfishing (being impersonated by others): stopping damage to your online reputation, especially for influencers or someone with a significant online profile

Upcoming Legal Proceedings: arming yourself with all the available evidence before attending court to increase your chance of success.

If you, your family or friends require any of these services, contact Cybertrace today to talk to one of our experts. We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best course of action for your particular situation. Use Australia’s premier online private investigators and let us work for you.

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  • Ken Mason 2 years ago

    Do you do investigations on facebook scams?
    I am currently involved in a grant fund scam and have invested substanial money without receiving a grant.
    If you can assist give me a call

  • Geet 8 months ago

    Help needed

    • Cybertrace Team 8 months ago

      Hi Geet,

      Our team has reached out via email.

  • Jeff Adams 6 months ago

    Investigator needed? I have a Florida vessel number FL4470TB and photo. I need the owner(s) name(s) and address if possible.

    Also this vessel is a dinghy to a larger vessel it would be great to get the make, type , FL registration and owner(s) names. A cel number and email would be a bonus.

    • Cybertrace Team 6 months ago

      Hi Jeff,

      Our team has reached out via email.

  • Donna 1 month ago

    Hi we had a personal attack on a Facebook page last week that is potentially harmful and damaging to our local businesses in a small country town in Melbourne
    The posts talks about my past that has nothing to do with the small businesses my partner and daughter run and it was defamation towards my daughter and my partner and posted anonymously by one person but allowed by the moderator of the social media group… this was potentially lead by the moderator of the group and three local women in our small town just to be mean and hurtful

    • Enquiries 1 month ago

      Hi Donna,

      Our team have received your enquiry and will contact you soon to discuss further.

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