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Cybertrace and Optus Join Forces

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September 29, 2023 · 3 min read

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Cybertrace and Optus Join Forces to Shield Australians from Telecommunication Scams

The digital era has ushered in numerous advancements and conveniences. However, it has also spawned a wave of scams that prey on unsuspecting individuals. Telecommunication scams, particularly scam calls and SMS, are among the top challenges that many Australians face daily. But the good news is, companies are stepping up to fight back. Recently, a significant partnership has formed between Cybertrace and Optus to share scam call and SMS data, aiming to bolster the protection of Australians from these very scams.

How Cybertrace is Making a Difference

Cybertrace has been at the forefront of combating phone scams. Their proactive measures have involved identifying scam-related phone numbers, monitoring scam calls and methodology, and compiling extensive databases of scam-related information. The company utilises a variety of contemporary methods to detect, study and successfully disrupt scammers through multiple counteractive strategies.

More information on Cybertrace’s methodologies and their battle against phone scams can be found on the official Cybertrace website.

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Understanding the Threat Landscape

According to Optus’ consumer advice on scams, the number of online scams is escalating. Scammers have devised cunning techniques to deceive individuals, often leading to financial losses and compromised personal information. As highlighted by Optus, it’s crucial for users to recognise, reject, and report these scams. Both Cybertrace and Optus provide users with the ability to report scams easily and securely. For Cybertrace this is done via their Scam Phone Number Lookup platform and related Reporting page. With Optus, reports can be submitted via their My Optus app. These initiatives underscore the commitments of both Cybertrace and Optus in ensuring that their customers are well-equipped to deal with potential threats.

The Power of Collaboration: Cybertrace & Optus

The new partnership between Cybertrace and Optus represents a substantial step forward in the collective effort against telecommunication scams. By sharing scam call and SMS data, the two entities can pool their resources, knowledge, and expertise to cast a wider net against scammers. In most cases, Cybertrace supplies Optus with phone numbers and associated methodologies reported through the Cybertrace website.

When these numbers are confirmed as being hosted on the Optus network, the call details undergo analysis, and verified scam numbers are blocked.

Customers of Optus will particularly benefit from this partnership. With Cybertrace’s robust database and near real-time monitoring, combined with Optus’s reporting system and telecommunication capabilities, customers will receive timely alerts about potential scam threats. Moreover, the shared data will empower both organisations to be proactive, in predicting and mitigating emerging scam trends.

Clients of Cybertrace gain advantages from the collaboration since data submitted through the Cybertrace platform is proactively employed to counter fraudulent calls and messages. Moreover, users can investigate dubious phone numbers using the Scam Phone Number Lookup to ascertain potential scam risks. The portal is accessible by visiting this link.

Final Thoughts

The battle against telecommunication scams is an ongoing one. As technology evolves, so do the tactics employed by scammers. The union between Cybertrace and Optus signifies a beacon of hope for Australians. When leading sovereign organisations in their respective fields collaborate with a shared goal of protecting the masses, we can anticipate a future where telecommunication users can communicate without the lurking threat of scams.

To all Australians, always remain vigilant, stay informed, and know that companies like Cybertrace and Optus are working diligently behind the scenes to ensure your digital safety.

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