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In many countries reporting a scam phone number to government authorities is a convoluted process. We have simplified this process. Your information will be used to notify the service provider responsbile for the phone number of the malicious activity, and if you consent, we will also refer this information to the relevant law enforcement or regulatory body.

This form can be used to report scams which are linked to a phone number. This includes standard voice calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages or voice calls, or any other platform where the contact is linked to a phone number.

Please do not report social media messages or other messages received that are not linked to a phone number. Likewise, please do not report email scams unless there is a phone number referenced.

Examples of scams that can be reported are; Hi Mum scams, fake giveaway scams, fake job opportunity scams, investment – website based scams. However, any other similar phone scam can also be reported.

The Phone Number that contacted you

Note: We request your phone number as telecommunication companies require both the 'making' and 'receiving' numbers to validate the contact and block the scammer. This is not a Cybertrace requirement.

The Phone Number that received the scam contact.
This is important so the call or SMS can be matched accurately


If other, please specify
Enter as much information about the interaction as possible.


In case we need to ask you a question about the scam call
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