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Scam Alert – Next-Generation Deepfakes Are Here

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November 20, 2023 · 3 min read

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SCAM ALERT: Deepfake Investment Scam Australia – Deepfake videos have hit Australia – Allison Langdon, Gina Rinehart, Dick Smith, Andrew Forrest & Jim Chalmers

Last Friday evening, we detected a sophisticated attack — a new wave of deepfake Facebook ads, leveraging next-level generative AI to create high-quality deepfake video and audio content. Cybertrace investigators have discovered a shockingly realistic fake scam video, featuring a highly convincing version of the A Current Affair Presenter, Allison Langdon.

These fraudulent advertisements spun a fake narrative featuring Allison Langdon from “Australian A Current Affair,” endorsing an investment opportunity with Australian business celebrities such as Dick Smith, Andrew Forrest, and Gina Rinehart, purportedly in collaboration with the Australian Treasury (Australian Treasurer, Jim Chalmers). Essentially, the video makes it look like well-known Australians are endorsing an investment opportunity, but, they’re not. A deepfake is a technology used to virtually alter the face and voice of an individual. This deepfake scam reached unprecedented levels of realism, blurring the lines between truth and deception.

Dick Smith promptly reached out to Cybertrace, confirming the content’s fictitious nature. This incident is yet another stark reminder of the insidious tactics employed by affiliate marketers. These tactics include luring unsuspecting victims into a web of deceit, exploiting their contact details, and draining their bank accounts.

Check out the scammer’s fake investment ad below:

This video uses cutting-edge deepfake technology to make it seem like this investment opportunity is endorsed by public figures.

What are Deepfakes?

Importantly, a deepfake is synthetic media where a person’s likeness, including their face and voice, is replaced with someone else’s likeness using artificial intelligence, particularly deep learning techniques. Deepfake scams raise serious ethical and legal concerns, especially when used for spreading misinformation, creating fake news, or producing realistic-looking but false videos of public figures or private individuals without their consent.

Nowadays, with the rise of deepfakes, it’s becoming important for people to know about this technology. Please, If you have been the victim of a deepfake scam, connect with us.

How Can I Identify a Deepfake Scam?

Seriously, often times it can be hard to tell what’s real versus fake on the Internet. However, there are some common signs of a deepfake video, which include:

  1. Facial Distortions: Warping or morphing of the face, particularly when the subject is moving.
  2. Poor Lip Synchronisation: Un-aligned synchronisation of the lips to the words
  3. Unnatural Blinking or Eye Movement: Irregular blinking patterns or unnatural eye movements.
  4. Inconsistent Lighting and Shadows: Mismatches in lighting and shadows on the face compared to the rest of the scene.
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What if I’ve Invested in this Deepfake Scam?

Please, If you’ve been involved in a deepfake investment scam, take immediate action. Please, contact us immediately if you have been the victim of a deepfake investment scam. Furthermore, you should immediately contact your bank and freeze your account, gather and preserve evidence, and change your passwords.

How Cybertrace can help

We’re more than a service provider; we are your trusted partner in the relentless battle against cyber deception. Our commitment is to your security, your interests, and the truth. Also, we’re always at the forefront of scams and have a great history and reputation for investigating them.

See our independent client reviews and growing international reputation. Clients can verify Cybertrace’s accreditation, such as our private investigation master license, from the NSW Government. Additionally, our investigators have a background in both private and government investigations.

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