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Is Bull400 a Scam?

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November 28, 2023 · 4 min read

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Investor Alert: Uncovering the Shadows Behind Bull400.com

Is Bull400 a Scam? The digital era has unlocked new horizons for investors, but with it comes a shadowy side of online financial scams. Cybertrace has identified a concerning trend involving Bull400.com, a site posing a striking similarity to the formerly operational bulls400.com, associated with the legitimate Australian company Bulls Australia Pty Ltd. Cybertrace identified that Bull400 is linked to a long list of known scams including alphaedgeltd, bitsv, fxprotrading, fx-tradingpro, protocolwin, protocolvin, proxy33.com, rapidnex, tradinglvls, immediateedge, and work-crm.com, amongst others.

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Unveiling the Masquerade:
Bull400.com surfaced with a polished facade, yet under scrutiny, its foundation reveals significant cracks. The site’s mere four-month tenure starkly contrasts with the authentic bulls400.com‘s long-standing operation since 2015.

A Network of Deception:
Links have emerged connecting Bull400.com to a web of brands like alphaedgeltd, immediateedge, and fxprotrading, among others. Alarmingly, entities such as Protocolwin and protocolvin have been flagged by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for impersonating genuine companies. This FCA warning is a stark reminder of the caution needed when engaging with new trading platforms.

The Cost of Deceit:
Clients have approached Cybertrace after suffering substantial losses to Bull400.com, illustrating the harsh realities of such scams. The hidden domain registration and Cloudflare-protected IP address further cast a veil over the website’s true operators.

Forensic Pursuit of Justice:
Despite the sophisticated cloaking techniques employed by Bull400.com, the forensic prowess of Cybertrace has penetrated the digital smokescreen. Our team of seasoned investigators have deployed cutting-edge tools and methods, unrivaled in the industry, to meticulously collect and analyse digital breadcrumbs. This painstaking process has not only unveiled the intricate web connecting Bull400.com to its dubious affiliates but has also pointed directly to the orchestrators of this deception.

Cybertrace stands as a leading pioneer of the art of website forensics. Our global leadership is cemented by a track record of successfully unveiling fraudulent online entities that others might miss. With a deep understanding of digital footprints and the nuances of cyber investigations, our specialists harness a blend of technical acumen and investigative insight to deliver clarity in a realm riddled with obfuscation. Where shadows fall, Cybertrace shines the light, reaffirming our position as the unparalleled authority in the domain of website forensic analysis.

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Your Defense Against Scams:
If Bull400.com has ensnared you in its web, act swiftly. Cybertrace encourages you to report your case via our contact form. Your prompt action can aid in the broader effort to unveil scams and protect future investors.


The realm of online investing is fraught with both opportunity and peril. As investors navigate these waters, the importance of vigilance cannot be overstressed. The discovery and disclosure of Bull400.com’s questionable operations serve as a strong reminder to the investing community. We aim not just to alert but to empower investors with the critical knowledge needed to identify and avoid potential scams. Every piece of information shared is a step towards eroding the deceitful foundations upon which such fraudulent schemes are built. Cybertrace remains dedicated to this cause, working tirelessly to uncover the truth and safeguard the financial frontier for all investors. Through collective awareness and education, we can significantly reduce the impact of these digital predators and ensure a safer investment environment for everyone.

This blog post reflects ongoing investigations and should serve as a resource for due diligence. Cybertrace’s commitment is to the truth and investor safety, not to unwarranted accusations.

This publication serves as an outline and must be reviewed for accuracy and legal considerations before publication. Always consult with legal counsel when addressing potentially defamatory content.

Tags: alphaedgeltd, bitsv, fxprotrading, fx-tradingpro, protocolwin, protocolvin, proxy33.com, rapidnex, tradinglvls, and work-crm.com

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