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Affiliate Marketer Scams Targeting Australians via Social Media

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January 23, 2024 · 4 min read

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In an era where crypto and digital platforms have become the new marketplace, a concerning trend has been identified by the vigilant cybercrime analysts at Cybertrace. Australians are increasingly falling prey to sophisticated Affiliate marketer driven scam ads, many of which are propagated by affiliate marketers through social media platforms. These ads, often accompanied by flashy graphics and alluring promises of substantial financial returns, are far from the lucrative opportunities they pretend to be. Examples are bitcoin-billionaire.com, bitcoin-profitapp.com, profitsecret.org and bitcoin-trader-official.com.

Scam Campaigns Targetting Australians

*Note: As many of these campaigns are new, our analysts have not yet verified that all are scams, however, we advise that they are high-risk, and stringent due diligence is highly recommended before investing.

Bitcoin Aussie
Bitcoin Bank
Bitcoin Billionaire – bitcoin-billionaire.com
Bitcoin Code
Bitcoin Era
Bitcoin Future
Bitcoin Pro
Bitcoin Profit – bitcoin-profitapp.com

Bitcoin Storm
Bitcoin System
Crypto Bank
Crypto Boom
Crypto Cash
Crypto Comeback Pro
Crypto Engine
Crypto Legacy Pro

Crypto Profit
Crypto Robo
Profit Edge
Profit Secret – profitsecret.org
The Bitcoin Code
The Bitcoin Trader – bitcoin-trader-official.com
The Crypto Genius

The Mechanics of the Scam

Affiliate marketers such as the ones responsible for Bitcoin Profit (Bitcoin-profitapp.com) Profit Secret (profitsecret.org), and The Bitcoin Trader (bitcoin-trader-official.com) have been found to employ aggressive and often fraudulent advertising tactics on social media, leveraging the widespread reach of these platforms. The advertisements are carefully crafted to catch the eye, using bright colours and bold promises to attract potential victims. However, the true intent of these campaigns is fraudulent.

Once an individual shows interest, their personal details are harvested as ‘Hot Leads’ and sold to scammers globally, the international network of fraudsters then targets these individuals, convincing them to invest in bogus crypto schemes or similar financial ventures. It’s a classic bait-and-switch, where the promise of high returns is nothing but a front for a more sinister scam. Some campaigns will sell victims an initial investment of $250 or euro to gauge the victim’s enthusiasm which in turn increases their value when on-sold to scammers.

A man using social media and viewing a scam crypto advertisement by affiliate marketers to promote bitcoin-billionaire.com, bitcoin-profitapp.com and profitsecret.org and bitcoin-trader-official.com.

The Danger of Crypto Investments in These Scams

The use of crypto in these scams is particularly worrisome. Crypto investments, by their nature, can be highly volatile and opaque, making them an ideal tool for scammers. The lack of regulation and the difficulty in tracing crypto transactions further exacerbate the risk for unsuspecting victims who are lured by the promise of high returns in a burgeoning investment sector.

A Call for Collective Vigilance

This Alert holds considerable importance because it’s similar to thwarting a major source of trouble by targeting the root cause. The success of scammers heavily relies on affiliate marketers to supply quality leads, and by impeding the operations of these marketers, the scammers’ activities can also be hindered. A combined effort from social media companies, governmental bodies, and the financial industry is crucial to combat these deceptive social media marketing campaigns. To safeguard Australians against these complex scams, proactive strategies and rigorous surveillance are essential.

What You Can Do

Awareness is the first step in protection. We urge everyone to be highly sceptical of any social media advertisement promising high returns with little to no risk, especially those linked to crypto investments. Verify the legitimacy of any investment opportunity and be wary of sharing personal information online.

Have You Been Scammed?

If you or someone you know has fallen victim to a deceptive marketing campaigns such as bitcoin-billionaire.com it’s crucial to act immediately. Contact Cybertrace through our Fraud Contact form. Our team is dedicated to assisting victims of such scams and working towards apprehending the offenders.

In conclusion, while social media and crypto offer exciting new opportunities, they also present new avenues for fraudsters. It’s imperative to stay informed, vigilant, and proactive in protecting personal information and investments. Let’s work together to create a safer digital environment for all Australians.

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