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Recently reported phone numbers

# Country Code Carrier Line Type Scam Type Actions
1 61438338943 Optus Networks Pty Ltd (SingTel) mobile Job Opportunity
2 61459355877 Telstra Corporation Ltd mobile Government
No Comments
3 61484542402 Telstra Corporation Ltd mobile Delivery
No Comments
4 61434203267 Optus Networks Pty Ltd (SingTel) mobile Job Opportunity
No Comments
5 61361178155 Optus Networks Pty Ltd (SingTel) landline Other
No Comments
6 61398717485 Telstra Corporation Ltd nonFixedVoip Government
No Comments
7 61398717476 Telstra Corporation Ltd nonFixedVoip Service Provider
No Comments
8 61861444567 Optus Networks Pty Ltd (SingTel) landline Bank
No Comments
9 61752242118 Symbio Networks Pty Ltd nonFixedVoip Other
No Comments
10 61243221773 Telstra Corporation Ltd nonFixedVoip Investment Scam
No Comments




In many countries reporting a scam phone number to government authorities is a convoluted process. We have simplified this process. Your information will be used to notify the service provider responsible for the phone number of the malicious activity, and if you consent, we will also refer this information to the relevant law enforcement or regulatory body. Basically, our mobile and landline Scam Phone Number Lookup (SPNL) platform is a Reverse Phone Lookup for Scams.

However, please note that information submitted to law enforcement is for intelligence purposes only. Should you wish to formally report this phone number for criminal activity against you, please contact your local police or the reporting body in your country.

You can also contact our investigators to report your case. This has the added benefit of expediting the investigation of your case. Police are notoriously slow, under-resourced, and investigations of your case could take in excess of 12 months. Cybertrace specialise in cyber related cases including payments via cryptocurrencies. We can identify and capture evidence while you wait for your police case to progress. Any evidence we identify can then be referred to the police in support of your case. Engaging a private specialist may speed up the police investigation.

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