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Cybertrace is an Australian premium-level technology focused investigations firm and we have spent countless hours testing and identifying the most reliable skip tracing (skiptrace) and investigative databases and information sources on a national and international level. Among other factors, our systems allow us to provide you with the results you deserve.

Skiptrace Australia services are one of our core product. Contact us to discuss your commercial & private skiptrace needs. We have researched and developed Australia's best skiptracing tools available to increase results. We currently service Australia's leading collection houses and relating industries. Speak with us today to discover the Cybertrace difference.

Cybertrace Australia offers national and international coverage for professional skip trace services. Cybertrace clients are assured the highest level of service combined with our ability to meet all client requirements including; bulk and complex file services.

Our Directors and staff are of the highest calibre in the Australian industry and are supported by a superior suite of internal and external databases. In addition, we boast significant experience in government and private investigative environments and well as business administration and corporate governance. By engaging Cybertrace for your skip tracing needs, you will be assured unrivaled results and locate people or debtors.

We look forward to working with you to meet you skip tracing needs.


Locate Debtors

Whether you are a debt collection company, law firm or would like to refer a private matter to us, we guarantee quality service, capability and reporting.

Locate Witnesses

Do you  need to locate a witness for an upcoming criminal or civil court matter? We can help. With years of experience in database analysis, our staff are experts in locating witnesses.

Locate Beneficiaries

We have specialist in deceased estate administration and understand the importance of accurately locating all potential beneficiaries to an estate.


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