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Cyber Investigations

Due Diligence, Assets, Background Checks and others

Cyber Investigations are also referred to as Online Investigations or Internet Investigations. We’re not concerned which term you choose to use, our concern is providing you with the results you need. Primarily, cyber investigations are used by private investigators for cyber fraud, assets & due diligence investigations and background checks.

The majority of individuals have a cyber-footprint to some degree. We target social media and the deep-web in order to identify any information of interest in relation to an individual, a place or thing for either commercial or private purposes. Cyber Investigations are discreet and no contact is required to identify a person’s cyber-footprint which is one of the major advantages.

Cyber Investigations are ideal for a range of reasons, including:

  • Identifying an individual’s assets
  • Undertaking due diligence as part of corporate business acquisition
  • Brand and reputation protection
  • Background Checking
  • Commercial Intelligence
  • In support of traditional private investigations, or,
  • Gaining the edge on your competitors by knowing who they are, and what they have been up to.

Traditional investigators often fail to gain detailed information on individuals as most private investigators don’t have the expertise required to unveil a person’s cyber-profile. Likewise for business intelligence analysts who will not be able to provide you with detailed information relating to an individual (this is not their specialty). We have years of experience gathering  and assessing intelligence for individuals.

Don’t risk it! Leave the intelligence and evidence gathering to the specialists and contact us today for a confidential discussion regarding your needs.

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