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Due Diligence

Cybertrace Australia are leaders in the field of international corporate Due Diligence and related products; including background screening. Our processes are designed to identify potential risk during staff recruitment, company / business acquisition, appointment of Directors or Board members and dealings with potential or current business associates.

Our corporate Due Diligence products combine intelligence and investigative techniques to provide you with a product that not only gathers evidence, it also analyses intelligence to predict risk and guide your decision making. Our product will inform you of potential risk relating to financial investment by discovering intelligence relating to key individuals (background checks or screening), corporate associations, corporate risk and misleading representation. Our Australia based intelligence analysts and investigators are cross trained in cyber-investigative and intelligence collection techniques which are designed to access records that are usually hidden.

Executive Background Check

Cybertrace Australia help you make the right choices when interviewing and hiring staff. Our smart and cost-effective solutions are the perfect choice for busy employers who want to hire confidently. We are experts in social media and open source intelligence analysis; which is a vital source of intelligence that is often neglected by traditional background screening service providers.

To complement our unique analysis of social media and online intelligence we include a national police check, qualification verification and credit file history assessment. Cybertrace Australia will assess your candidates for their overall compatibility with your company. Other available checks include criminal, civil and tribunal histories, traffic and driver license history, company ownership, real property ownership, employment verification and more.

Cybertrace Australia are an international service provider with operations in Asia, the United States and New Zealand.

Cyber Fraud

The term ‘cyber fraud’ refers to any type of fraudulent process using either email, web sites, chat rooms, message boards or a complex combination these processes. Types of cyber fraud include internet banking, phishing, shopping and auction fraud, email scams and spam as well as identity theft.

Our team of Australia based Cyber-Investigators and Intelligence Analysts come from police and government intelligence backgrounds (Australia & international) and are committed to providing our clients with the premium-level service expected.

We have created a suite of unique custom technical tools to identify the physical location of offenders which is then referred to local authorities as evidence.

Our Desktop investigators will leave no stone ‘unturned’ in the pursuit of digital evidence and actively develop custom investigative tools to increase results. Our aim is not only to locate the offenders, but also (where possible) track and recover fraudulently obtained assets.

Skip Tracing

Our fresh approach to commercial premium skip tracing (skip trace) is a market leader. Our Directors have a history of innovation within the industry and embrace new ideas and technologies. As a direct result, we have developed systems and processes that are unique and increase our skip trace efficiency and effectiveness. The internet has revolutionised the way the world operates, and in turn, how commercial skip tracing is conducted.

Cybertrace Australia has developed skip trace systems and products with this in mind and is here to serve you and the generations to come. Our skip trace investigators are among the best in the industry and come from diverse background to provide you with a premium-level skip tracing products. We do not provide skip trace services for debt collection and focus our attention on locating individuals as court witnesses, for deceased estates, missing persons and genealogy purposes. As Cybertrace is a global company, borders don’t restrict our capability. Please contact us to discuss your Australia and international skip trace needs.


Drawing on our wealth of experience we have taken cyber investigation to the next level. We specialise in all things cyber including; cyber fraud, due diligence, risk assessment, assets identification, background checks and more.

If your investigation requires offender identification and locating, forensic email analysis, header and IP extraction or deep web research, we have you covered. Our processes aim to identify an individual's cyber-footprint for either evidence gathering, risk or intelligence assessment.


Cybertrace Australia is a technology focused intelligence company based in Byron Bay, Australia.  We have spent countless hours testing and identifying the most reliable databases and information sources on a national and international level.

Additionally, we have designed and built custom evidence and intelligence collection tools that are not commercially available anywhere else.  Our systems allow us to provide you with the results you deserve and the results you desire.


Our Managing Director, Dan Halpin has a history of innovation in the investigation and intelligence environments. We are constantly evolving and embracing new ideas and technologies to increase efficiency, results and customer satisfaction. Cybertrace Australia and it's global sister company Cybertrace Global are rapidly gaining a reputation as industry leaders.

Unlike the majority of service providers in the market, we design and build our own unique technology platforms to target and capture information relevant to our operations.

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