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Watch out – the Markets Giant scam is looking for more victims to fleece! Cybertrace is issuing an urgent scam alert to the public about a crypto/forex/CFD trading scam operating from www.marketsgiant.com. These con artists are running a sophisticated operation and have swindled victims out of thousands of dollars. If you are considering investing with them, please don’t! Despite a slickly designed website and convincing sales tactics, it is nothing but a scam. If they have already tricked you and will not release your funds, contact our experienced analysts today. We are cyber investigations experts and the first Australian provider of cryptocurrency tracing products to the public. Don’t let the scammers win – muscle up with Cybertrace on your side. But first, how does the scam work and what do our expert investigators look out for?

How does the Market Giants Scam work?

Like other investment frauds, the Markets Giant scammers have various means to lure potential targets to their professional-looking website. Interestingly, simply googling their name isn’t one of them! This is because the fraudsters want to stay hidden and prevent the regular automatic archiving of their website. Instead, the scammers use targeted ads, spam emails or fake news websites to get potential targets to their website and/or register for a trading app called QuantumAI. Once that’s complete, they convince victims to deposit funds and start cryptocurrency, forex, and CFD trading.

Forex scam fake website investment

Next, the scammers build false trust by making their victims believe that they are quickly multiplying their initial investment. Often, this encourages them to deposit even more money. It’s only when victims try to cash out their “wins” that they notice the scammers trying to delay and obfuscate. At times, the fraudsters will demand further “income tax” or “verification fees” before victims can access their funds. Unfortunately, this is just a further scam and will not result in being able to withdraw anything. Don’t pay and throw good money after bad. Even more important: arm yourself with knowledge.

How do you know Markets Giant is a scam?

While our expert analysts have access to sophisticated website forensics and online tracking tools, there are some things everyone can look out for to protect themselves and their families. Here are four questions to ask and one free trick to protect yourself from the Markets Giant scam and others like it:

Question 1: Is it registered?

One of the first thing to check is where, and in whose name, any online trading platform is registered. The Markets Giant scam website claims that it was established in 2013 and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. However, website domain records show that their site has only been in operation since October 2021! Furthermore, a quick check of the UK’s official government company register shows that no such registered entity exists. There are legitimate-looking companies with similar names, but impersonating others and gaining legitimacy-by-association is a common scam tactic.

Question 2: Who regulates it?

Probably the biggest red flag for any online trading and investment platform is a lack of regulation. Having a strong financial regulator means customers can trust that the company’s financials are sound. Furthermore, they can expect that they would receive some financial protection in case the trader went bankrupt. Tellingly, nowhere on their website do the Markets Giant scammers state who regulates them. Although they claim to be UK-based, a quick search of the government’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) register comes up empty. A red flag doesn’t get much bigger than this. Stay away from these guys!

Question 3: Who runs it?

Like many other recent investment frauds Cybertrace has exposed, the Markets Giant scam is an anonymous and faceless entity. Nowhere on its website does it mention the names or bios of any of its executives – except, that it, for its supposed founder and CEO. Unfortunately, “Jacob Lane” appears to be as fictional as the Underworld character (pictured) by the same name. He has no LinkedIn or Twitter bio, Facebook or Instagram profile, or any other independently verifiable existence. The same is also true for the scam as a whole: no social media presence, inactive icons on the home page and a lack of substance all around. If they won’t say (and let you verify) who they are, don’t give them your hard-earned money!

Question 4: What have others’ experiences been?

It’s always a good idea to not just rely on a self-promoter’s word. Instead, look around to see what others’ experiences have been and what independent reviewers think. When it comes to the markets Giant scam, the verdict is pretty bad. A range of independent reviews (here, here, and here) opine that it is likely a scam. Anonymous customer reviews paint a mixed picture but should always be taken with a big grain of salt. As discussed in a recent blog, scammers are taking advantage of unverified customer review sites to post fake positive reviews. This manipulation of the reputation economy lulls potential targets into a false sense of security and makes them easy victims. Additionally, even some of the bad reviews could actually be recovery scam bait to scam victims a second time!

Is there a trick to make this any easier?

While some insight into our approach regarding the Markets Giant scam is helpful, who has the time to do all this themselves? Luckily, you don’t have to! For your convenience, Cybertrace has developed ScamSleuth, a free, easy-to-use public scam detector tool. Simply run any potential investment website through ScamSleuth and, within seconds, you will have the result with a clear traffic-light warning. It couldn’t be easier, so make sure to bookmark ScamSleuth and share it with your friends and family!

But they have already scammed me – what can I do?

If the Markets Giant scammers already got to you, don’t despair! Contact your bank or credit card provider to see if they can recoup your funds via a chargeback. If the answer is no, get in touch with Cybertrace today. We have vast experience to draw on and our expert investigators will walk you through your options carefully and methodically. Beware of shady recovery scammers who promise simple processes and guaranteed returns – they are lying to you and simply want to scam you out of even more money. Go with the trusted experts at Cybertrace – we’re here for you!


If you are a current or former staff member of the syndicate and would like to speak with us, you can contact us anonymously via [email protected]. We have successfully worked with conscientious insiders when investigating previous scams, thus bringing justice and relief to long-suffering victims. Your help can make a real difference!


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  1. I’ve been scammed by markets giant and they will not let me with draw my money from the account
    they also got in to my bank account and master card took 20k left me with 2k
    they where transferring money into my bank account with in 3hrs i closed everything down
    my bank account was still ok until I found out that i was looking at snap shot

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