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Today, Cybertrace investigators are issuing an urgent alert about Claim Justice. Scam victims looking for help in recovering their funds should steer clear of Claim-Justice.com or its affiliates (such as Claim-Justice.biz). Like other recovery scam artists, this outfit likely only pretends to help scam victims while simply fleecing them a second time. Read our Crypto Recovery Scam Investigation HQ blog for more details on their modus operandi. In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at all the red flags this operation raises.

Scam Warnings by Others

Interestingly, the first hurdle is actually getting onto the Claim Justice website! If you have installed standard internet security software, it will likely block access to the Claim-Justice.com site. It will also explicitly flag the site as a dangerous scam. This is a pretty good indication that the site is not trustworthy! In addition, some other investigative outfits have cottoned on to Claim Justice and are naming it as a likely scam.


False and Contradictory Claims

If you can get onto the Claim Justice website, the next thing to note is the use of language. Firstly, they make a lot of highly confident claims that clients get back all they have lost. As any expert in the space of cyber investigation and funds recovery knows, it is a highly complex business, and you simply cannot guarantee results. Doing so is the mark of a conman! In addition, there are other claims that plainly contradict each other. For example, Claim Justice asserts that it is “a start-up business with 5 years of experience in the field of marketing and media”, which sounds interesting but completely unrelated to fraud investigation. It also doesn’t match its website domain registration date of August 2020. A little further, it claims that it was “founded for the purpose of protecting customers around the world from scammers”. Well, which one is it?

Faceless Company

Legitimate companies will have no hesitation to say who owns, runs and regulates them, but not Claim Justice, which remains faceless and secretive. Firstly, their very name and web address seek to imitate those of a legitimate UK legal firm specializing in compensation. This trading off reputations built by genuine established businesses is a common scam tactic. Secondly, the Claim Justice website does not mention the names of any directors or employees. Thirdly, there are no records for Claim Justice or any of its employees on LinkedIn (there is a Claims Justice Ltd page, which has zero posts and only two anonymous employees). Finally, recently created Facebook and Instagram pages show no content or activity beyond an initial post and do not identify any employees. Very suspicious!


Nebulous Ownership

When it comes to who is actually behind Claim Justice, it gets even more nebulous. The Claim Justice homepage states that Money Pay Ltd owns and operates its website. At first glance, there are several companies by that name registered in Israel as well as the UK. However, in its About us section, Claim Justice claims that Cyprus-registered Bluespirit Tech Holdings Ltd is the company behind their brand. Again, which is it? While a deeper investigation would be necessary to untangle these webs, it certainly raises significant red flags for our analysts.

Fake News & Fake Reviews

As discussed in a recent blog, scammers are taking advantage of unverified customer review sites to post fake positive reviews. This manipulation of the reputation economy lulls potential targets into a false sense of security and makes them easy victims. In addition, some fraudsters have stepped it up even further by generating fake news articles. These are designed to deceive by providing supposedly independent journalistic credibility. However, a quick review of some of these articles about Claim Justice (such as here, here, here, and here) shows them to be uncritical puff pieces without any journalistic scrutiny. In other words: nothing more than propaganda!


Verdict: It Walks, Talks and Quacks like a Scam!

When considering all these red flags in aggregate, the evidence strongly suggests that Claim Justice is indeed a scam. At the very least, do not invest any money with this outfit! If they have already fleeced you of your hard-earned money, don’t despair! Contact Cybertrace’s experienced investigators today to discuss how we can help you.

If you are a current or former staff member of the syndicate and would like to speak with us, you can contact us anonymously via [email protected]. We have successfully worked with conscientious insiders when investigating previous scams, thus bringing justice and relief to long-suffering victims. Your help can make a real difference!


11 thoughts on “Claim Justice alert: Beware of Recovery Scam Operators”

  1. Claim justice. Are they a scam or not as i have read good and bad about them in my research. I did talk to a lady in Claim Justice and she wants me to send in all my bank statements where i lost. I have not sent them any money yet but with all the scams out there it is hard to belive who to trust and i would like to get some update about claim justice. Regards GERALD

    1. hi gerald,

      did you with claim justice ! are they recover your money yet ,
      i want to make sure before i signed the contract with claim justice, cause i lost my money from a scam .

      and how much do they ask you to paid to open your case !


      my email : [email protected]

  2. I was scammed by someone from Instagram using my Shakepay, so I was eager to file a complaints so I found claim justice and I emailed them. Few days after I got an email back from them saying they can help. Then we spoke over zoom meeting on what to do with my case since it’s fresh and they can help me but they wanted me to pay $300 usd plus 5% from my money that will be retrieve. Honestly after looking $1700 Canadian I don’t trust anymore. They wanted me to pay with credit card or debit card which I kept insisting I can pay Bec I told them my money was scammed. The lady came back to me and said that she spoke to financial dept to lower down the upfront fee and take out the 5% but I’m still hesitant. I said I already got scammed once never again.

    1. Hi Ivy, our expert investigators identified Claim Justice to be a scam. I would recommend you do not send any further funds to this entity. If you’re interested in our team assessing your case, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you.

  3. A guy called me early one morning and confidently told me his company could help me recover my loss. Claiming that they have all the expertise to trace and locate my money, he asked for a fee before they can proceed. USD700 plus a 10 percent upon recovery of my money, I felt it was already a red flag.

  4. Ive hired Claim Justice They wanted 10% fee upfront and 10% when funds were recovered i just found out after sending them $3000 upfront they are a scam Ive already lost $47k in a another scam Im in a mess im not sending anymore money cause im not trusting nobody

  5. I lost a lot to a fake cryptocurrency trading platform. may I ask what happened with you? als, have you found any recovery companies who don’t charge an upfront fee?

  6. Hi Team,

    Do you know if lost funds to scammers can ever be recovered?
    I believe, lost fund is lost forever. There are many fund recovery company claims to help victim but they do scam for scam.

    Please confirm, if there are any company who ever in the past, were able to refund the lost funds to scammers?


    1. Hi Nikhil, yes unfortunately there are many fake recovery companies. Our company is licensed to investigate by the police and this can be verified. Copies of our certificates are on our Accredition page of our website. It’s very important to note that recovery operations are very difficult and complex, but our company has been able to recover funds for clients in the past.

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