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Forex scam fake website investment

Cybertrace can confirm that Hedgestone Group and RTC Finance are older, currently inactive versions of the Click2Sell group which are affiliate marketing scammers. 

In a major investigative coup, our expert analysts were able to link these two additional scam operations to the infamous syndicate. Like Click2Sell, CPLOne, AdsSupply, BannerBit, ClickDealer and PromoLeads, the fraudsters promised victims easy money without any required expertise. For ease of reference, this entire syndicate is referred to as the Click2Sell Group.

Please read our previous blogs on Click2Sell and CPLOne/AdsSupply for more detailed information on the modus operandi of the scammers. While many of these domains are now inactive or for sale, Cybertrace still holds valuable intelligence relating to the operations and the scammers. We encourage any victims of the Hedgestone Group and RTC Finance scams to contact us to learn more about how we can help.

If you are an insider and can assist with providing further evidence and intelligence on the Click2Sell Group, please check out our ScamiLeaks website for more information about safely leaking to us.


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