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Is Credium.io a scam? Yes, Cybertrace investigators are issuing a scam alert for Credium.io. The website offers bot-based cryptocurrency trading and is an investment fraud designed to rip off investors. Please do not fall for this scam and do not invest any money with Credium. If you have already lost money, get in touch with us ASAP to find out how we can help. Cybertrace holds valuable intelligence on the scammers, so contact us today to find out how we can help.

Fake website

The scammers have set up a very basic website without any contact details. It also does not provide any information about the company, its operation and location or who its regulator is. An aerial photo of London and name-dropping of major banks mark a poor effort to lend credibility. Incredibly, Credium then positions itself as a tool to combat wealth inequality and fight for the 99%. To be clear: the only 99% these scammers are interested in helping themselves to are your hard-earned funds! As in previous blogs, lots of jargon and a lack of verifiable information about the company are clear red flags.

Unrealistic returns

A fake Performance page promises annualized returns of 125%, a completely unrealistic proposition designed to lure in unsuspecting victims. Interestingly, all data stops in May 2020, thus showing “trading” to be inactive. These are both key warning signs for investment fraud.

Inactive social media profiles

Another tell-tale sign of fraudulent companies are non-existent or inactive social media accounts. Even though Credium joined Twitter in July 2019, the company has never sent a single tweet. Likewise, its Medium account shows zero stories. On LinkedIn, Credium, which now claims to operate from San Francisco, USA, has also made zero posts.


Who actually runs Credium.io?

As is usually the case with fraudulent companies, the website provides no information about who owns or runs the company. While the website provides a link to its alleged founder’s LinkedIn profile, said profile has been inactive for over a year and does not mention Credium at all!

Fake News and No Reviews

Before investing money in any company, make sure to consult independent review sites. There are no reviews for Credium on Trustpilot, which is unusual for a supposed trading company. In other fora such as Reddit, users discuss it as a scam. Make sure to always check reviews, so you can learn from others and not make the same mistake! One additional danger to watch out for is scammers writing fake news articles to boost their product. Articles appear in seemingly independent publications but are just another (witting or unwitting) tool in the scammers’ arsenal.

Beware of Credium’s Scam!

So is Credium.io a scam? As the above signs clearly show, Credium is a fraudulent company scamming victims out of their hard-earned money. Do not invest with them! If you already have been scammed, you will be please to know that we hold valuable intelligence on the scammers. Contact us to find out how our team of experienced investigators can help you.


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