Mass Scam Alert!


Beware of scams!

Cybertrace is issuing an urgent warning against doing business with the following websites as they are likely fraudulent. Please note we have not independently investigated and verified as fraudulent every single website. We believe some of the below websites may be legitimate. However, we believe the majority of these domains are likely linked and our extensive investigations have confirmed that many are definitely scam websites.

Please beware and exercise a high degree of caution! If you have already lost money to these scammers, contact our experienced team of investigators today to see how we can help.

What to do

If you hold any inside information on the operations of these scammers, please contact us for a confidential discussion at

If you have fallen victim to a scam operated by any of the mentioned websites, contact us today to discuss how we can assist you.

4 thoughts on “Mass Scam Alert!”

  1. I invested a small amount of $375 to MajorRally several months ago. Because the investment didn’t show any signs of improvement, I asked to close the account and refund the money back to my nominated account. The person at MajorRally was Eliot Mitchell email who responded and said he started the process and it would be in my account by the end of the week. This is now the 4th week and no response. Nothing deposited into my account by Major Rally. I have been emailing Elliot Mitchell every week with no response.
    I tried to look up the internet for a phone number or even contacts for this MajorRally.
    I really like to know if I’ve been scammed and what can I do???


      Hi Henry, It is very likely that you have been scammed. We can certainly assist you with investigation to identify the scammers though the cost will be greater than the amount you have lost. I recommend you report this to to your local Police and ACORN.

  2. I have trade account in trade.Capitaloffocus. I asked them to close account, they agreed, but in one condition, I had to send my money to Kraken (10000€) to get back my money from account 17000€.
    What to do.


      Hi Sasa,

      Thanks for your contact. Please do not pay any more money. We see this tactic used often and they will not release your money. This is an attempt to scam you of more money. There is no legitimate reason why you would have to pay more money to make a withdrawal.

      I recommend completing our Fraud Questionnaire (below) and an Investigator will be in contact with you to provide options for investigation. Please note, we are a commercial service and all clients pay for investigation of their case.

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