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Similar to clicks2sell

Cybertrace recently reported the fraudulent (scam) activity of website click2sell.co, which scammed millions of dollars around the globe. The main countries targeted were Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA. The scam operation has now closed, and the offenders took off without repaying their investors.

Click2Sell scammers claimed they allowed people to make a profit by running marketing campaigns and advised victims that they did not need any marketing experience to be successful. The Click2Sell operators coaxed victims into signing a contract which basically waived their rights away. However, as criminal law holds precedence over civil law, the contracts are null and void, meaning that criminal investigation is still possible.

Global operations

From our investigations of the Click2Sell operations, we confirmed the call centres are not located in the UK as stated by the scammers. The masterminds are instead located in various countries around the world.

Click2Sell has previously been linked to BannerBit and ClicksDealer, and Cybertrace holds evidence proving that Click2Sell have now rebranded again as ads-supply.com and cplone.com.

What should I do?

Should you be contacted by Ads Supply or CPL One, do not engage with them as they are the same scam operators as the Click2Sell! No doubt they will impress you by their complex and professional approach, but don’t be fooled.

For more information, please refer to our article on Click2Sell. If you have been scammed by any of these websites, contact us for an obligation-free quote for investigating your matter in the interest of assets recovery.


71 thoughts on “Have you been scammed by CPL One or Ads Supply?”

  1. Yes Ads-Supply.com, is same criminals who stole from thousands of people, who invested into clicks2s.com, or C2S.com


    1. I am a student in Melbourne i had no work at that time i invested my 2000 dollar for earning money i had a doubt on them and i recorded her voice alex i can not recover its not easy for me to survive????

  2. Yup! They asked me to invest 7k on my first phone call! Very convincing but thankfully my brother did some investigating and I didn’t lose more than the $200 USD to sign up.

      1. Go to your bank or credit card comp. I got fooled as well. Scammed me out of $15K. Got it all back through my credit card company

        1. hi john i got scammed for $5500 i paid by visa card should i contact my bank and what details will they require glad you got your money back cheers laura

        2. CPLOne has scammed me out of $2700, I feel so foolish but they seemed so legit. Didn’t I’ll ever get that money back

        3. CPL one scammed me recently as well! Luckily they only got $200USD sign up fee. On my first call with them they pressured me into spending my entire savings – $3000 on this. Luckily I didn’t go through with it – red flag was that they were extremely insistent on spending as much as possible. Were very convincing, don’t be fooled! Their website looks quite legitimate too. And lady I spoke too was very convincing, telling me stories of other Aussies who have allegedly invested and been super successful. When I asked where she was from, she hesitated then said UK, so probably a lie and probably operate from many locations. And they always call from a private number – dodgy. Beware!

          1. thank you for your advice, i almost spend money on them . then i saw your comment about they are scam and i got the same thing

        4. Jacqueline Rawlins

          Ads- Supply, sadly I was gullible enough to give them close to $30 000 over the past two months. It all looked so legit and the “Accounts” managers were South African and that’s where I was from so I trusted them. The calls did come from the UK as it showed the + 44 and the same number was used several times. I read up as much as I could but it was all fake it seems, only now have I found articles saying its a scam. Wish I had done more research. You hear of people getting caught and think – that will never happen to me! If it sounds too good to be true then it is. Why didn’t I listen to that voice in my head.

            1. I to was filled into believing they would help me generate money online I handed over $17K AU. US $10500 they talks good game and I am still speaking to them weekly, they claim my portfolio will be estimated at $98k US at the end of the month, I see the returns rolling into their web site but haven’t had any cold hard cash come back to me yet. They keep saying it has to go through the accounts manager etc and making excuses. I’m over it and just want my money back. is there any way of doing this?

            2. Jacqueline Ann Rawlins

              Thank you I have completed the questionnaire via the link you sent me.
              Kind regards

              1. Have you received a reply from Dan or is this the beginning of another scam for paid services? Just being cautious now!

                1. Me too , I’m usually telling people and giving advice , and this seems so ligit , they are well put together , I should of listen to my head they seem so real and professional, they had someone for everything you ask , no one deserves this especially in these times they should all be arrested and I hope they get caught and the money retained and give back to the people who lost it

              2. Same here. AUD$17K lost to Adssupply. Kids told us it was a scam. Didn’t listen to them. Many broken promises of return after 1 month, 6 months and unpleasant interchanges when asked to invest more on Black Friday click frenzy coming up this month and other previous ‘once off’ opportunities which we thankfully declined. We really began to think it was legit after speaking weekly and the website is very impressive. Have to give it to them. They really do work hard to take your money!

              3. I have an ads-supply account too. Have put in $7,000 AUD. I am totally devastated. I’m a pensioner who cannot afford that loss. I was looking forward to a Xmas bonus. I cannot believe it. How can they still have the website operating. What do I do now?. Tom.

                  1. Kelvin Cuskelly

                    hi Dan i probably have the same problem. CPLONE i have invested approx $35K aiud. They want another $26K aid which i have decided not to give them.
                    can you help and what infoormation do you need


                  2. I have been dealing with ADS Supply for 3 months and still dealing with them, i have invested about 370000 Aus dollars,its hard to believe it is a scam that means i have lost all of my Superannuation can i recover my money.
                    Every Monday i receive a call from a Jordon Grey from ADS Supply 442031500619 and then from the Account Manager Barry 442031500359

                  3. I have been scammed by ads supply too but not as much as some of these other people , about $1000 AUD and believed it was legitimate. I have been trying to make a withdrawal and keep getting ignored by them so now reading everything here I see why. If I ever get the chance to track these people down myself they will find out the meaning of being stolen from . Social media also is a good place to help expose these scams and the people running them so when they show their face anywhere in public , people will know who they are. They will get what is truly coming to them.

                  4. Michael Mitchell

                    Thank you. We are still being contacted by them. Now threatening legal action if I do joy remove our accurate and honest post.

                    What can be done to protect and stop these people.

                    1. I have been rorted by $100,000-00 dollars what can I do before the Marfia does it for me, I don’t want to be involved with what my family may do to these people.

                  5. I’m reading all these comments and feeling sick to the stomach. I have invested $40,000 in ads supply as they sounded so legit. I’ve been receiving weekly phone calls from Jordan grey also and dealing with account manages James and David . It’s been over 6 months since I began investing with them and have only received $5,000 back. Are you able to help in any way. .

                  6. My friend has been scammed by these guys also. She has lost a lot of money 75,000.
                    Is there anything she can do to get any of this money back?
                    Appreciate anything you may be able to do for her.

                  7. I too have been scammed over the last 10 months with regular phone calls from+44 20 3150 0359. several email address such as [email protected].
                    Is there any chance of recovery?
                    🙁 My wife did warn me after talking to them on the phone once

                  8. I saw the add pop up in my game centre and clicked on it and it said how Justin Trudeau was making good money on it and recommended it to Canadians so I opened up an account put in $200.00 dollars witch I was told was all I needed, once that was done I was transferred to another guy then they wanted $5000.00 in US dollars so I knew at that point it was a scam

                    1. Burned as well
                      It was Sarah Oaks who sweet talked me
                      After 200 $ she sucked me of another 1,500 us $ last September 2020.
                      She tried so hard to get more but I stand on my 1700 then it was Collins who tried for more then Steve then Jaden now from 1700 the profit is 600 but the 1700 is apparently not there any more so he is asking for more to invest
                      I was foolish once but but not completely stupid
                      So they have my 1700 but they can choke on it
                      Never he’d investment what goes down
                      I know I am not going to get it back but I still have then on calling me
                      Karma will get them if not otherwise they will die horibul death one day
                      Live and learn
                      In my 77 years of age I never met someone like those cleaver theafs.
                      I guess a had a weak moment

                  9. Hello, I too have been scammed by CPLone, $250,00 USD. Mr. Frank Davies was my manager and he was so attentive to my wants. He promised that I would be making lots of money. He was always wanting me to invest more and the last contact I had with him, he wanted $15,000 USD. I’ve e-mailed Frank Davies demanding he refund my money, never heard from the rat ever again. Being scammed really hurt me as I live on a disability pension.

                      1. I put in over $10,000 with Ads Supply back in may. I did all of the due diligence that i could before becoming involved. The only thing coming up on the search engine at the time was a number of glowing reviews describing how anyone with limited experience can make lots of money with their easy to operate advertising platform. Only afterwards when i looked back through those reviews did i realise that they look like they were all paid reviews written by the same person or persons. Google needs to be held to account here for being complicent in this series of scams. Lloyd Turner was my campaign manager and he disclosed to me early on that one of the founders of Ads Supply was one of the former founding members of Google. Any wonder that all of my searches at the time only showed a shiny Penny. All that are complicent in this need to be held to account. Sooner or later there will be another name change and the trail of carnage will continue. Lloyd Turner, Jordan Grey, David Warner, David Fletcher, Mathhew Bennet, James Shaw, Chad Silver and Tristen are some of the names that i have dealt with in this pack of thieves.

                        1. Hi Tony, I’m sorry to hear of your involvement in this scam. Unfortunately you are not alone and there are thousands of victims globally. Based on the evidence we hold for the sydnicate operators, it is unlikely that any of them had association with Google in the past. They are simply cyber-enabled thieves.

                        2. adds supply have been scamming people for a very long time google should be held accountable and everyone thats been scammed by these low life rats should take a class action against google specially if a past co founder is involved

                      2. Wish I had found this before I was scammed out of $2,000 USD by Ads-Supply! I originally signed up for $200 then received a very convincing phone call where, somehow, I was sucked in to put in $2,000 and to show how nice they were they put in the same amount. They put me into a few ad campaigns and very quickly my kitty rose to $28,000+. Then they put me in campaigns which almost halved my total meaning there was no way possible to meet their targets for withdrawal. Through this process the same convincing guy said how great it was going and put in another $4000 and they would do the same – I simply said “no f*ing way was I putting in another cent”. After my 6-month term was up I have been trying unsuccessfully just to get my original $2000 back but, of course, there is zero contact. I am on the age pension with next to no super so cannot afford to lose that money and it is my son’s wedding in a few weeks. So angry with myself for being sucked in!!

                        1. Hi John I’m very sorry to hear of your experience with Ads Supply. Compared with other victims your loss is on the lower end so you at least can be thankful that you refused to send them any more of your hard earned money. I know that you can’t afford to loose this money though it could have been a lot worse. I wish you well with your son’s wedding!

                      3. I am a FOOL, I have Invested $1200.00 with CPLONE. They were very convincing. I now believe that this is a SCAM.
                        I have been annualizing the SITE, on a daily basis for the last three weeks, and have come to the conclusion, that there are to many INCONSISTANCIES In the Sites Operation for it to be Legitimate. My account Manager, called himself Mathew Stevens, Spoke with a educated ENGLISH accent, and was very very convincing. IS THER ANY WAY TO GET MY MONEY BACK. george

                        1. Hi George,

                          I see you’re in Canada and yes CPLOne has been primarily targeting thousands of Canadians and Australians. I would encourage you to report it to the Canadian authorities to ensure they’re aware of the activities of CPLOne. The more people that report the scam, the more likely your authorities will want to take action.

                      4. I too have been scammed very convincing, do you know much about a company called PRICE GUARD GUARANTEED I contacted them left my details they did get back to me asking if I had trouble with ads supply I wasn’t sure to respond don’t want to get fooled twice

                      5. OMG!!! I have invested almost $30,000 AUD with CPLOne. Every call I received from them ended in a request/suggestion to deposit yet more money.
                        They seemed not to hear me when I said I did not have more money.
                        After yet another query as to why I had not managed to withdraw $10,000 from my superannuation, I stopped answering my phone to unknown numbers. This was back in October.
                        There’s also an outfit called ProTrade100 who have been calling me. They seem to work from the same script as CPLOne.
                        Are they ALL scammers??
                        Is there any way I can get my money back?

                      6. Hi Dan, I also foolishly trusted Steven Castle from ADS-Supply. I only put in the initial $200 then was convinced to put in another $2,500. Steven rang me multiple times each week and tried to convince me to add $250,000 of my superannuation citing that I would have a guaranteed income for retirement! I am single and 63yo. I was very suspicious and decided A way to get my money back. I told him that I would not decide on the larger investment until I had “tested” the withdrawal process so he started “transmitting” the “profits” from my “campaign” to my Kraken account. Of course nothing actually came through! Then he got sloppy and started signing off messages as Steven Johnson so I called him on it and as expected he disappeared. Operated out of London and was South African. Scarily professional set up. Assume I will never see my $2,700USD again. ????

                      7. Gary wolfgang Kassbaum

                        Gary Kassbaum
                        to: [email protected]
                        date: Mar 15, 2021, 1:27 PM
                        subject: Fwd: Return My Money CPL1
                        mailed-by: gmail.com
                        I was told by acct, managers at KBL Finance, John Joseph and Mike Novak, whom I have never heard again after my deposit with yourselves, John Joseph took my interacted deposit money from my TD Canada TRust Acct and invested with First Edge Group $1800 CDN with Bitcoin and $5000 CDN with SILA and simultaneously had me follow up getting a membership login with BitBuy Canada. I’m 76 YRS , live alone with my dog,

                      8. Yes, I’ve been scammed by CPL_ONE by a person who represent himself as the manager in the name of Benjamin Heart with ID#39327). Asking me to invest as little as possible just to prove that they are legit. He even gave the main address in London: 71-75 Sheldon St. Covert Garden, London, WC2H9JQ, England. After they took the investment money, then Gregory Tyler called followed by another personnel in the name of Andrew Young (647-812-4889) called me to increase the investment amount for better return, but I said that if they are true with their statement, either small or big amount makes no difference. I told him because I experience that there are people who scummed other people and the same technique he is proposing to me. He get mad and said that he will return the money but until now no deposit made to my account. I don’t know how those people live with that in their conscience -“need to lie to live”. The number they use is 203-519-4539 and 647-812-4889. I hope that you

                      9. AdsSupply from UK, scam me of my hard earned money $2000..my account manager call Mike was pretty convincing with his pressure tactics to put more funds. I was trying to get my funds back and he never called me back…sending messages 3 times on their website contact list for withdrawal request, no reply. I wish I can see then in person, so i can squezz their neck till they cant speak no more to victimized more innocent small investor. How can I get my money back.

                        1. Hi Deo, the best way to recover payments less than $50k is to submit a Chargeback application if you paid via credit card e.g. Visa. The Chargeback application should be submitted directly to your card provider.

                      10. I got fooled too lost $1018.00 they kept me going so long that no there is nothing that capital one master card can do. I am very pissed off about this these guys sure are good i have to say. Also Cowards to ruin peoples lives

                      11. Today I invested another 3,000CAD with CPL One and only after that, I found these comments. At the time I started investing with CPL One, I couldn’t find any bad comments about them, so I decided to give it a try and that was almost a year ago. So far I spent around 7,000USD and thankfully read this now and finally understood that they are just a bunch of really highly professional scammers. I doubt I’ll get any of my money back, although they keep convincing me I could do it any time. It is really so important that people understand how they work and stop sending money to them. Now they only accept crypto currency, so they can’t be tracked any more. It is so interesting that nobody is doing anything to put those people behind bars, or they lead their business in such a clever way that they are out of reach.

                      12. I unfortunately was scammed by this company, but they seem to think I’m a complete idiot with no friends. I grew up with someone that actually specializes in bitcoin tracking and tracing. He looked up my transaction and was able to figure out where it as well as several hundred thousand dollars worth of bitcoin have been sent. Some of it goes to Africa, where he believes the people that call us are based, but the majority of the money ends up in Israel, its filtered through multiple shelf companies but ultimately it all points there.

                        He’s going to look into the companies but most likely they just pawns with fake names or owners.

                        I should have some feedback soon

                      13. Hi
                        I am an ex South African and living permanently in Australia. I was contacted by Barry Hall initially for $250 investment and pushed around to invest more and more advised by David Warner. I believed and trusted them as my same country men. At the end they pushed me to invest AUD $ 8670 to ADS supply. I invested in July 2020. The system was making money (if it is really genuine) daily and every month and over to December 2020 my commission total to US $251745 or more. I had an excel sheet prepared from August 2020 till December 2020.
                        Every Thursday i was contacted by different so called Account managers for reinvest the money made by their system. I never had the initial investment of $8670 and paid by a credit card which was guaranteed repayments by my children as I was retired at the time all these things happened.
                        Lloyd Turner, Jordan Grey, David Warner, David Fletcher, Mathew Bennet, James Shaw, Chad Silver and Tristen are some of the names that i have dealt with in this whole event and a pack of thieves. I wonder where these thugs are now hiding and I feel every single person who worked there are well trained scammers and con artists.
                        I got sick of it as the credit card company chasing me around for money to be repaid and a single penny these con artists wanted to pay me back. I got some money back thru my credit card and however the rest lost $3000 thru these scammers still a dream to get it back. Never ever trust a single soul in my life again. It is so interesting that nobody is doing anything to put those people behind bars, or they lead their business in such a clever way that they are out of reach.

                        1. Hi Shree, thank you for your comment. We feel your pain and are trying to do everything we can to prevent cyber scams.

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