Have you been scammed by click2sell.co?

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Have you been scammed by click2sell.co?

We would like to warn against dealing with this website after having recently investigated the website and company operating as Click2sell.co. We are aware that Click2Sell previously operated as BannerBit and ClicksDealer.

The current website purports to allow people to make a profit by running marketing campaigns. The website states that anyone, regardless of their marketing experience, can run successful online campaigns and start earning a passive income.  But you don’t need to look far online to find many negative reviews from people, saying they have not been able to withdraw their money and many people state click2sell.co is a scam.

click2sell, bannerbit, clicksdealer, click2sell.co, bannerbit.com, clicksdealer
Fake affiliate marketing scheme

The operations of click2sell are sophisticated and the website itself appears completely legitimate. However, there are many common red flags surrounding the website: firstly, there is no mention of any employee or owner of the company. It remains faceless and, if you can’t figure out who owns the company or the names of anyone employed there, it’s time to have a rethink about dealing with the website.

Secondly, brands spend huge amounts of money on marketing every year and, whilst we recognise that affiliate marketing is a legitimate form of marketing and some people can make money from it, how could someone with no marketing experience possibly become rich by running ads for other companies? The entire concept of how the platform promises to work simply does not make sense.

The website does not offer any way for a legitimate company to become a client of click2sell.co. If it was such a great marketing platform, you would think they would promote their services and encourage companies to come on board and let the click2sell users run ads for them. Right?!

Common type of scam

We see scams like this all the time and it’s quite possible that the campaign platform itself is simply a dummy platform, like a video showing you exactly what you want to see. It’s likely no ads are being displayed anywhere online, no one is seeing them and no one is clicking them.

Click2sell claims to be operating under the company Click2sell Limited, located at 5 Secretary’s Lane, Gibraltar. We can confirm that this is true: it is a registered company. BUT just because it is a registered company, this certainly does not mean your investment is safe with them.

Who is behind it?

It is important to note that there are legitimate websites and companies operating similar to click2sell.com. The scammers operating click2sell.co are likely aware of the legitimate websites and companies and they purposefully name their website very similarly to confuse potential victims.

We have seen many comprehensive reviews where click2sell.co has been investigated, such as this review from Rogier on the Real Digital Success website. At the bottom of the review, you’ll find comments from many people who have lost money to the scam. Whilst we’ve seen some comprehensive reviews of click2sell.co, none seem to have actually identified who is responsible. That’s where we are different.

How can Cybertrace help?

The first step to recovering your money is identifying who is responsible. Our team of investigators have the skills to unveil the network and those responsible for the scam website. Cybertrace currently holds extensive intelligence which identifies the operators behind Click2Sell.

If you have been scammed by Click2sell, BannerBit or ClicksDealer, then contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

23 thoughts on “Have you been scammed by click2sell.co?”

  1. I have scammed by Click2Sell.co. I am trying recover my fund USD 3150 from Click2Sell.co but unsuccessful also the company is closing down at Aug 2020. I would like to know how you can help me to recover my fund and also the charges (fees) I have to pay if fund recovered. Thanks.

  2. There appears to be another affiliate marketing organization called ADS Supply at ADS-SUPPLY.COM using ‘Click2sell.co’ as a redirection to siphon money


    Recent suspicious activity includes the following:

    *Business address recently changed from RONTAMEL LTD, Archiep. Meletiou Kronidi 14, 1025 Nicosia, Cyprus to Kinetic Advertising B.V. Zekeringstraat 17 A, 1014 BIVI Amsterdam
    *No social media presence or means of verifying advertising campaigns
    *Company claims to be based in London,UK
    *No mention of company owner/s or start date/year on website
    *No option for merchants to register
    *Credit Card payment methods redirects to ‘click2sell.co’ at times
    *Withdraw/refund requests not always honored

    1. dan.halpin@cybertrace.com.au

      Sorry to hear it Bryan, if you’d like us to investigate the matter, please feel free to submit a contact form through our website. Thanks, Cybertrace.

  3. I have also been scammed by click to sell, my amount is not as high as others , but lost approx $100000-00US, they are very good of convincing you to continue to invest more and more . Even Purchase Guard is not worth the effort

    1. dan.halpin@cybertrace.com.au

      Hi Peter, Sorry to hear you’ve fallen victim to this scam. If you’re interested in investigating the matter, please feel free to contact us. Thanks, the Cybertrace team.

  4. I have been scammed as well $25.000 approx.
    I was shocked, for days I was sick and shocked by these horrible people! Kyle Gordon, Sarah Webster,Jeremy Gale,
    Matt Trottman and many more with false names.
    I’m 80 years old and full of sadness, I lost my daughter, she died in childbirth and left her son to grow up!
    But there are so many more scammers Dante Kavanagh, TAURENEFX, Vanessa Merkel , and many, many more!
    Please be careful they are despicable people, they just destroy your soul!

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  6. For all those conned by Click to sell, may those guys burn in hell. I lost $90k over more than 1 year and was nearly driven to suicide! May Karma rule and universal justice prevail!!! – John – Australia

  7. I lost A LOT OF money to Click2Sell.co. I want to know if you guys are going to scam us too by saying you’re going to investigate and charge us thousands of dollars and not find anything or recover anything.

    1. Hi Sam,

      I’m sure you would expect us to no of course not though it’s important for our clients to trust us by doing your own due diligence. Please check out our article, The Real Assets Recovery Process which gives some tips on what you should be looking for.


      End of the day, we’re licensed by the NSW Police (Australia) to undertake investigations. We aren’t going to risk our license, our reputation and industry associations by scamming clients.

      As for our charges, yes we are a private company without government funding. Our clients are respsonible for funding their own investigation where the police or other authorities are not able to assist. If you have any other questions, please let us know. If you’d like to speak with us about options for joining our current investigation as a client, please call us on +61 2 9188 7896, or send us an email at contact@cybertrace.com.au.

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