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How can I find someone?

Try yourself

Whether it’s a lost family member, an old romance or a debtor that owes you money, at some point you may need to locate someone. So how can you find someone when you don’t know where they are?

There is a lot of information on the internet, so it’s a great idea to start by doing your own research. Who knows, you may be able to test your detective skills and find them yourself! Social media pages are a great source of information, and that is where we recommend you start. If you know what industry the person is employed in, then perhaps you could find them through a business website, especially if the website has a ‘meet our team’ page.  

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Skip tracing

However, generally it is very difficult to confirm an exact address for someone, especially if the person owes you money. This is when you may need to engage an expert to locate the person. In the investigation industry this type of investigation is called skip tracing. Skip tracing is essentially the art of using the internet, database records and open source records to identify the whereabouts of an individual. Investigators have access to a lot more information than the general public and are experts at piecing together small pieces of data to confirm where someone is now.

Investigation vs intelligence

Although skip tracing is referred to as an investigation and is usually done by a licensed investigator, the process of skip tracing is actually an intelligence product. What is the difference, you say? Investigation is the process of identifying evidence relating to a person, place or thing, whereas intelligence is the process of value-adding information. Intelligence is not evidence. As skip tracing relies on identifying and analysing data or information relating to the potential person’s whereabouts (which may or may not be true or current), this is not an investigation as no evidence has been collected; it’s merely value-added information. The only time that evidence forms part of this process is when the result of the skip trace is confirmed from a verified contact of the person you are looking for.

What does Cybertrace offer?

Locating someone who does not want to be found can be difficult, even for a skilled skip tracer. That’s why Cybertrace have developed several powerful intelligence tools which are exclusive to our business. These tools assist us with locating people using technology that no other Australian company has access to. Quite often we are referred business as a last resort by other investigators and skip tracers who have been unsuccessful in finding someone. As the only Australian investigations and intelligence firm operated by former ASIO staff, we are leaders in our industry and can achieve results that others simply can’t.

If you are considering engaging an expert to locate someone, then we would love to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  


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