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Due Diligence

At Cybertrace Australia, we are leaders in the field of due diligence cyber investigation / desktop investigation, online investigation; including skip trace (skip tracing). Our processes are designed to identify potential risk prior to company / business acquisition, appointment of Directors or Board members, and related dealings with potential business associates.

Due Diligence desktop investigations can inform you on numerous aspects of your potential purchase or financial involvement; including person background checks, corporate associations, corporate risk and misleading representation. Our Online Investigators are trained in cyber-investigative techniques designed to access records that are usually hidden.


Desktop Investigations

Given the impact the internet has had upon the corporate world, it is not surprising to know that the internet is the key to accessing complex assets related records. Our corporate clients trust us to  unravel the complex web of hidden assets by engaging us for desktop investigation (assets based). The  continually expanding world of offshore finance and related company structures supports the ease in which complex corporate structures are created to hide the true ownership of assets. If you need to understand an individual's proven financial status in Australia or internationally, you have come to the right place


Cyber Fraud

The term 'cyber fraud' refers to any type of fraudulent process using either email, web sites, chat rooms, message boards or a complex combination these processes. Types of cyber fraud include internet banking, phishing, shopping and auction fraud, email scams and spam as well as identity theft. Our team of Cyber-Investigators come from police and government intelligence backgrounds (Australia & international) and are committed to providing our clients with the premium-level desktop service expected. Our Desktop investigators will leave no stone unturned'' in the pursuit of digital evidence.


Skip Tracing

Our fresh approach to commercial skip tracing (skip trace) is a market leader. Our Directors have a history of innovation within the industry and embrace new ideas. As a direct result, we have developed systems and processes that are unique and increase our skip trace efficiency and effectiveness. The internet has revolutionised the way in which the world operates, and in turn, how commercial skip tracing and desktop investigation is conducted. Cybertrace Australia has developed skip trace systems and products with this in mind and is here to serve you and the generations to come. Our skip trace investigators are among the best in the industry and come from diverse background to provide you with a premium-level skip tracing products.

Drawing on our wealth of experience we have taken cyber-investigations to a new level. Whether your investigation requires forensic email analysis, header and IP extraction or deep web research in order to identify a cyber-footprint, we have you covered.
Cybertrace is a premium-level technology focused investigations firm and we have spent countless hours testing and identifying the most reliable databases and information sources on a national and international level. Among other factors, our systems allow us to provide you with the results you deserve.
Our Executive Directors have a history of innovation in the investigation and intelligence environments. We are constantly evolving and embracing new ideas and technologies to increase efficiency, results and customer satisfaction. Cybertrace is rapidly gaining a reputation as industry leader and operational pioneer.
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